Ganesha explains the Shrapit Yoga and ways to minimise its impact

Yoga is also called Shrapit Dosha. The word Shrapit literally means
somebody who is cursed. It is said that Shrapit
Yoga is formed when Saturn and Rahu are placed together in a single
House of a horoscope. Some astrologers are of the opinion that
Saturn’s aspect on Rahu also results in Shrapit Yoga. It is believed
that the combination results from bad karmas (deeds or actions) of
past lives. Moreover, astrologers also say that if Shrapit Yoga is
present in a particular horoscope, it nullifies the effects of the
good yogas present in the same horoscope.

is the owner of two signs of the zodiac – the 10th
and the 11th
sign Aquarius. Capricorn represents karma
and Aquarius denotes labha
or gains. The position of Saturn in any horoscope is decisive, and it
is prudent to properly assess the disposition and strength of Saturn
before making any predictions. Saturn is a deterministic planet and
acts for good or bad without any restraint.

will be transiting through the Tula rashi, or Libra, from 14th
November, 2011, to 2nd
November, 2014, and Rahu will be transiting through Tula Rashi, or
Libra, from 23rd
December, 2012, to 7th
December, 2014. Therefore
Saturn and Rahu will be together in Libra from 23rd
December, 2012, to 2nd
November, 2014, resulting in the prevalence of Shrapit Yoga during
the period.

Shrapit Yoga is present, some of the results that are observed

  1. The
    incidence of divorce cases increases

  2. Ending
    up as a widow or widower, despite the fact that the couple’s
    horoscopes were matched

  3. Children
    fall sick repeatedly

  4. The
    couple has problems in conceiving a child

  5. Repeated

  6. Frequent
    among family members, without any specific reason

  7. Obstructions
    in the person’s educational and career growth

However, like there
are cures for most diseases, there are remedial measures that can be
taken to minimise the effects of Shrapit Yoga. Chief among them are:

  • Every
    Saturday, make balls of cooked rice and ghee. Feed these rice balls
    to crows and fish.

  • Render
    unconditional service to parents, aged and needy people, sweepers,
    and poor people.

  • Make
    an effort not to get angry, and avoid quarrels.

  • Worshipping
    Lord Vishnu, especially in the form of Sri
    is also advised for Pitru Dosha Nivaran.

  • Perform
    Kanya Daan (perform the marriage of a daughter).

  • Perform
    Rudrabhishek (Rudra Abhishek) in the name of ancestors.

  • Chant
    Hanuman Chalisa everyday, plus on Saturdays offer oil + sindoor +
    aakda garland + coconut to Lord Hanuman.

  • Try
    to chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra at least 1,25,000 times in
    front of Lord Shiva or a Shivlinga. In case you don’t know the
    mantra, it is:

Trayambakam yajamahey




is important to note the following: Maintain brahmacharya while
chanting, stop indulging in addictions, vices, feed brahmins and
donate other material things to them, and try to do havan, tarpan as
many times as possible.

can feed brahmins and do havans at home on any Somvati amavasya,
Amavasya, or Budhvati Amavasya. On Maha Shivratri, you can chant the
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra.

this, Ganesha suggests that you keep a Shrapit Dosha Yantra after
making it holy (siddha) by chanting the Shani Mantra:
Sam Shanis-swaray namah?.

nullify the effects of the yoga, the above mentioned remedies can do
wonders. To know how the yoga may affect you, ask a question.

Talk to an Expert Astrologer for Personalised Guidance.

The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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