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Ganesha brings gifts for everyone this Christmas

Ganesha brings gifts for everyone this Christmas

Come Christmas and the first thought that comes to our mind is gifts. People give gifts to each other to express their love for each other. Children are especially excited about this festival. They believe that Santa Claus will come to present them with attractive gifts and sweets. Ganesha has his own unique way of celebrating this festival. Here, Ganesha will give you the list of some of the gifts that each sun sign might give to his/her loved ones.


People born under this Sun fairy sign are ruled by Mars. Because of that they will gift any kind of sport kit like Golf Kits, Wooden, Mirror decor, or shiny finishes. Tickets to a sporting event are also good things as a gift for Aries. Electronic gadgets: Irons, Radios are the things that they will prefer as a gift. Sweatshirt related to sport, a team jersey or a mug also spice up their list. If the gift receiver is into sports, he or she is sure to love that.


Taureans are ruled by Venus. They are practical and conventional. In this celebration, they will make impression around crowd. They are especially fond of fun, music and dance. Taurus wears fancy dress and also uses make up. Enjoyment is the key of celebration. Expensive clothing made of fine silk, or soft and luxurious fabrics will please a Taurean every time. Photo frames, CDs holder, Perfumes, bracelets, necklaces and all kind of ornaments as well as make up related gift will be their all time favourites.


Geminians are ruled by Mercury, so they are very reasonable. Anything pertaining to travel, from tickets to travel guides are a great gift from them. Any communications related item like mobile or internet gadgets gift will top their priority list. Diaries Calculators and Folders are also some of the gifts that they would like to please their loved ones with. They like places full of people and love having fun with debate. Thus, they always discuss before presenting a gift to someone.


Moon rules the Cancereans. They will give home appliances. They would like to present Cooking related items especially, Coffee makers, Cookbook, kitchen equipment, gourmet ingredients. Cancer is also very sentimental, so they would give handmade items which might be appreciated. They may give Candles, silver jewellery and bath things are also nice gifts. As Cancer is water sign, they would give watery game also. They will enjoy all the festivals pleasantly.


People born under this Leo sign are ruled by Sun. They want to give unique gifts. They would give Theatre tickets which may be delightful for receivers. They tend to like high quality accessories and jewellery particularly gold bristles. A hair accessory is one of the good gifts, which they would prefer like comb, styling gel etc.


Perfection is the key word for them. Virgos are ruled by Mercury. Hence, they will give perfect and suitable dress as per the person. In this celebration, they will dress in perfection. Organizing things is primary interest to most Virgos. They are practical and neat. They would like to give watch and might even send e-cards. Each and every Virgo is addicted to reading. A book is always a welcome for them likewise they will prefer well-informed and knowledgeable books.


It is a movable sign. Venus rules the Librans. They may give shopping cards from which you can buy clothes as well as cosmetics from any shopping mall. They would give Silk and shiny scarves, fine candle sticks, or anything that shows their beauty. They will enjoy home as well as garden decoration. They might gift luxurious item and jewellery related gift. They will also like to give Caps, T-Shirts & other apparels. Digital Picture Frames, Affine music box and bail.


On this celebration or festival, they will be concerned about the opinion of others. Because Scorpio rules the 8th house, some born under this sign would give magic kits, science kits and even card tricks that require slights of hand. A scorpion will love anything that is too complex for the rest of us. Scorpio is a hidden sign. They are under the influence of Mars. They are self contained and self centred and also self-concentrated.


During festival, they will prefer travelling and will enjoy travel. They prefer to give tours and travelling tickets putting in a huge box. They would also prefer to give travel guides and DVD’s. Sagittarians are influenced by Jupiter. And their minds are continually searching for new experiences.


Capricorneans are ruled by Saturn. They are resourceful, realistic, practical and also very careful. Perhaps they would like to give watch because it is practical. Capricorneans are highly organized and hence they will participate while bringing a gift. They would like to give brass & Crystal. They would choose printer or any item for their business. This is the elegant sign of the zodiac understated and humble. Thus, they would give clothing and outer wear, Scarves, hats and gloves coats, mittens, and booties.


Aquarians are governed by Saturn. They are shy and sensitive and are usually intelligent, cool, clear, logical people. More than any other sign this sun sign is not selfish. Gifts, which they can share with their friends, will be their all time favourites. Video games with more than 2 handsets, restaurant gift vouchers might top their priority list.


Pisceans are ruled by Jupiter. Normally they are in cheerful mood and they like to celebrate festival. They are not practical but sensitive. This is also intelligent and spiritual sign. Encouraging posters, motivational tapes, books, sayings, pictures, and cards always deeply touch and help them. They have good understanding power. As this is a dual sign, they will use many kinds of tricks of celebration. This is a watery sign and so, they will prefer water related gifts like scented bath salts, scented oils, and candles.

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