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Global Effects Of Jupiter Transit In Libra 2017: Will They Be Positive or Negative?

Global Effects Of Jupiter Transit In Libra 2017: Will They Be Positive or Negative?

Planets are important in our lives as they decide and control our destiny. Our lives become good or bad due to the planetary influences. Jupiter occupies a very important place in the planetary cabinet. Now, Jupiter is all set to begin its transit in Libra on September 12, 2017. It is bound to impact the lives of every human being living on this planet. What will be the global effects of Jupiter transit? Let us see how will this transit impact you and the world as a whole:

Our planet and the human society is currently in a terrible situation. Chronic social problems have plagued our surroundings like widespread terrorism, the rise of religious fundamentalism, imperialist dictators provoking war, global warming, pollution and so on. So, the role of Jupiter transit in Libra will become all the more important. Will this Jupiter transit lessen or worsen the situation is the big question. An important factor for our well-being is our success in business.
Planets are bound to influence every aspect of our life including business. Are you concerned how will this Jupiter transit affect your business? Buy the Jupiter Transit Report For Business to know the answer.

Well, there is a general good news. The sensible Jupiter transiting in Libra will help people find diplomatic solution to some developing global issues. This transit will also help lessen the intensity of military conflicts and minimize the chances of potential conflicts. We should eliminate conflicts for a happy life. Besides, marriage is also important for stability in life. Are you facing problems in marriage which is also influenced by this Jupiter transit? Get the Jupiter Transit Report For Marriage and solve your problems.

But at the same Jupiter’s transit in Chitra Nakshatra ruled by Mars will be very conducive for acts which require very high energy, impulsive attitude, and ambitions. Passion is likely to dominate rather than commitment, hence political, social and financial crisis won’t get mitigated so easily as per Jupiter transit in Libra. So, the world will continue to be dominated by a structure where the power of society is concentrated in a few hands. This will be a negative effect of Jupiter transit in Libra. Love is important to dismantle the inhuman structures in the society. And love begins at home. Are you facing some issues in your love life? Are you concerned that the Jupiter transit may worsen it? You need not worry. You can buy the Jupiter Transit Report For Love and settle your problems.

A new generation human rights movement will begin to emerge as the Jupiter transit in Libra progresses as per the Vedic Astrology. The purpose of this movement will be to restore peace and happiness in the human society. People of every race, religion, nationality or political ideology will begin to raise their voices against violence and exploitation, as per the worldwide impact of Jupiter transit. This movement will get stronger from around mid-October 2017 when Jupiter begins its transit through Swati Nakshatra ruled by Rahu.

The pattern of Business and Commerce will see significant changes during the Jupiter transit 2020. The big corporate houses will try to take control over the smaller companies. It may even trigger a process and phase of mergers and acquisitions as per financial astrology predictions 2018. The process of radical economic and financial reforms will also intensify. This development will influence the lives of millions as per the global economic trends. Governments enact financial legislation to make citizens happier and more prosperous. If you are facing financial problems and not knowing what to do, we have the solution for you. Access the Jupiter Transit Report For Finance and ensure that you make the best use of this Jupiter transit in your financial growth.

As per our forecast, Jupiter will begin its transit through Vishakha Nakshatra from around mid-December 2017. So, Jupiter’s benefic influence will work out prominently. This period may witness positive diplomatic attempts of re-formatting the global systems. The resilient human spirit will eventually stand strong against the dark shadow of despair as per Jupiter transit in Libra. Jupiter will keep the hope for peace and progress alive. A new type of socialism will be wanting to take shape. But will the positive energy of Jupiter defeat the dark shadow of despair? There are many doubts here. Stars have predicted not a very happy situation for us during this Jupiter transit. However, you can make your life happier by succeeding in profession. You can do it if you access the Jupiter Transit Report For Career.

Jupiter turns retrograde in March 2018. Greed, a self-centered approach, wastefulness will emerge strongly. There may be an increase in addiction and intolerance. This will hind the success of positive efforts as per Jupiter transit. The different events will keep reinforcing the problems during the Jupiter retrograde phase. There will be refugee problems in different parts of the world. Cyber crimes may increase and there will be a serious threat to the privacy of citizens. The divide between the good and evil will widen and intensify. Retrograde Jupiter is not a very good development. However, you can change its effect if you take the help of astrology. Buy the Jupiter Transit Report For All Areas and see growth in multiple areas of your life.

But the Jupiter’s direct motion again from mid-July 2018 will boost the positive spirit worldwide as per Jupiter transit positive effects. Civil rights movements and voices for gender equality will become stronger. There will be new developments on the Internet and Social Media Network as there will be new secure options provided there to prevent infringing of privacy.

There will begin a new space age. There are strong indications that the leading space faring nations of the world may explore the outer space with their advanced missions. Besides, healthcare and the automobile industry will flourish with new inventions and products.

Overall, the transiting Jupiter in Libra will bring enough scope and hope for peace and prosperity amidst tough global challenges.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Acharya Bharadwaja
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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