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Feng Shui Front Door Interior

Feng Shui Front Door Interior

Home is the place where you spend most of your time and where someone always waits for you with a welcome smile. Whether you live in a mansion or apartment, trailer or boat, you know instinctively that no other place in the world that can match the warmth and comfort that your own house presents.

The main door sets the tone of the building. The front door is an integral part of a home’s design. It offers protection from the outer environment and serves as a threshold to the inner world. When you close your front door you are in your own private world.

If the main entry is too close to the street, you may feel unsafe or you may get disturbed by the noise in the street. A fence, bush, tree, or even a screen door or screened window can do much to provide separation from the street. However, they should not inhibit the flow of Chi by blocking the entry. Do you have concerns about your relationship? Then, Get Guidance With Relationship Ask Question: Detailed Advice

The front door should have a proportionate relationship with the back door to allow free flow of energy. If there is no back door the energy gets trapped, if there is a back door, the energy can flow through the house and leave from the back too quickly without providing nourishment of energy to the house. Your goal is to encourage sufficient Chi to enter the house. Use plants, furniture, lights, paintings, rugs, or other objects to create a curved path between the front and the back doors. Another solution is to hang wind chimes, crystals, lights, fabric hangings, or plants from the ceiling along the line between the front and the back doors. If the back door is solid, you can hang a mirror on it to bounce the Chi back into the room. If the back door is made of glass use a curtain to keep it covered and stop the Chi from leaving too quickly.

The front door must be clean and well-lit to welcome Chi. Invite Chi to your house by placing lights or moving objects like flags, a water feature or wind socks along the path.

An entry door that opens into the broadest part of the room allows the widest view of the interior and gives a feeling of space and openness.

Once the Chi enters it should flow freely through the space without interference from walls, pillars, or other obstacles. A wall opposite the front door will block the flow of energy. If on entering the home you are confronted with an undecorated wall you may feel that your future is blank. Hang a beautiful picture on that wall. Do not hang a mirror directly opposite the entry as this will bounce the energy back out of the door. Purchase The Ask Any Question Report And Get Answers To Any Concern

After the Chi enters the house it must be able to exit from a different door- ideally from the back of the house. It can also exit through a side door or windows. When Chi cannot exit it becomes stagnant and stale.

To invite opportunities, remove blockages from the doorway and remove stored items from behind the door. If the door cannot fully open you may not get the full benefit of potential Chi and the stuff that is behind the door may somehow restrict your growth.

Consider the way you open the door. The doorknobs, locks, and other hardware should work properly and not stick or rattle. If you have trouble entering the house because the doorknob wobbles, then the energy may also find it difficult to enter.  Know About Your Finances In 2023 WIth The Help Of 2023 Finance Report

Well-constructed front entry doors have working hardware that does not squeak or wobble. Make sure all the hardware on the door is clean, rust-free and in good working condition.

Your home reflects who you are. Plan your dream house with a proper entrance to invite health, wealth and happiness.

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