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Effects Of Transit Of Uranus Through Pisces On Each Moon Sign

Effects Of Transit Of Uranus Through Pisces On Each Moon Sign

Note: This article is written on the basis of effects of this Solar Eclipse on various Moon Signs. Moon signs are an integral part of Vedic Astrology practised in India since times immemorial. Moon plays a vital role in Vedic predictions just like the Ascendant (Rising sign) and the Sun signs. Sun is considered important in Western Astrology as it signifies the Soul. Moon signifies the Mind and mind governs the actions, thus it has a great importance in Vedic Astrology. It is decided on basis of the position of Moon in your Natal birth chart. If you do not know your Moon sign log on to www.GaneshaSpeaks.com to check yours

Effects of transit of Uranus through Pisces on each Moon Sign
(As per Sidereal System)

William Herschel discovered Uranus on 13th March, 1781. The planet takes 84 years to complete a cycle through Zodiac. Uranus gives a strong sense of freedom achieved only by inner awakening. Such process of awakening is often mistaken by others as revolt. One can even expect sudden or unexpected changes during this period. It can leave you surprised on many a matter. People with a strong influence of Uranus in their chart are seen as intuitive, adventurous and inventive by nature.

This planet has a strong influence on discoveries in the field of science or other major finds in general. Information technology and electronic gadgets are signified by Uranus. The process initiated by Uranus goes at a subliminal level at the beginning, but comes forth with a bang on completion.

Uranus is in Pisces as per the Sidereal zodiac or Nirayana System of Astrology (Vedic or Indian Astrology) between 7th April 2009 and 27th June 2016, but due to retrogression, Uranus will be transiting through Aquarius between 4th October 2009 and 28th January 2010.

Effects of transit of Uranus through Pisces

A right time for innovations! We will see emergence of new technologies with all kinds of technologies revolutionising the industry. The effect of Uranus will herald radical changes wherein the old will give way to the new; modern ideas will sweep aside archaic practices.

The world may also witness freedom struggles. Subjugated nations may crave the fruits of freedom and take up cudgels against their oppressors. However, this process may involve a lot of compromise. To begin with, every country will have to sacrifice something to unite for one universal cause, which could be, to save the planet Earth from the effects of Global Warming or maybe to fight terrorism.

While this may not happen overnight or not all nations of the world may rally behind such a cause, some catastrophe may cause the heads of most of the countries to think different than advance their selfish interests.

Fearless sacrifices are bound to be witnessed during this period. Medical science will advance beyond expectations. On the other hand spirituality will thrive with emergence of new spiritual gurus. There will be a rise in paranormal occurrences with the divine forces being very active; some of the occurrences will leave the world flabbergasted as may not fit into any logical explanation. Everything that’s beyond mankind’s understanding is defined as God’s magic! This is precisely what we are going to experience under Uranus’ transit through Pisces.

Those who believe in universal energies like Reiki, Pranik Healing, Alternative Healing Methods and Therapies will be very active. Hence, the tussle between ‘Para & Apara Vidhya’ (pure Spiritual Science/true religion v/s Black Magic) will get pronounced. Those who are inclined towards spirituality will feel closer to the Supreme Being. People will adopt a more liberal approach towards things. Those who let go will reap the benefits while those who cling on will suffer, but succeed after a fierce struggle.

Effects of transit of Uranus through Pisces on each Moon Sign

Getting inclined to spirituality, Ganesha feels that during this phase, you will realise that there is more joy in sacrificing than in holding on. You will be able to get rid of intoxications or bad habits. You will also be more positive in your approach and will be ready to walk that extra mile to help others.

There will be a radical change in the kind of friends or other groups you may be associated with. You will be inclined to think more deeply on the subject of unity and may also be ready for compromises when it comes to family affairs.

The radical change foreseen in your career urges you to be ready to make a complete shift. Avoid rebelling against superiors or government officials and be cool while approaching them. With a clear vision, you will be able to readily accept the winds of change and may feel revitalised in a new work environment. Sudden rise in your social status is also foreseen.

Your belief in a possible connection between science, religion and other forces that operate in the universe will become stronger. By finding innovative ways to pray and adopting a new approach towards religion, you will feel spiritually enlightened. You will also visit far off places or foreign lands more often than not and may meet people from different cultures. You may also learn a lot about the way they perceive the divine power.

A close family member may depart all of a sudden and this is sure to make you shock-resistant. Inclination towards religion and spirituality will help you keep your mental balance amidst difficulties. You will also see radical changes in your financial structure and joint finances. Concern for inherited wealth may rise and you may have to let go of it. Health issues are not ruled out.

Personal relations will undergo radical changes. You will have to give space to your beloved or life partner in order to maintain peace and harmony. There will be a sudden change in your public image. Others will see you as a person with great potential and you will now start thinking about using that potential to help others.

By streaming innovation into your day-to-day activities, your will see your routine life undergo a sea change. You will now be inclined to do something that no one has attempted before. This being a slow and tedious process, it may make you feel a bit irritated, but finally, you will come up with something that’s outstanding. You may also be able to fight chronic illnesses.

You will gain a vast knowledge on the subject of your interest. Instead of restricting yourself, you will keep gathering more insight about whatever you are dealing with. Ultimately, you will realise that this was well worth the effort. Younger ones in your family may demand more freedom and willingly or unwillingly, you will have to allow it. Your perspective on love and related matters will also change.

You will expect complete freedom on the domestic front. For that, you may either change your residence or seek more personal space. You will also be very intuitive during this period, so whatever you think may come true. However, if logic is applied to intuition, things may go wrong; so just follow your instincts. Avoid being rash to your family members, advises Ganesha. Objectivity towards everything will help you make the best of this phase.

Ganesha foresees changes in your relations with siblings. You will use new technology more often in your endeavours. Your thinking may seem radically different from others, but this will ultimately help you scale the ladder of success. In terms of knowledge, you will advance.

You will now expect to have more financial freedom, but there are all the chances of you becoming a spendthrift. Please use your credit cards and loans carefully. Certain issues within the family will be sorted out during this time. Ganesha foresees major changes in your family structure. You may spend more money behind comforts.

Your creativity will get a sudden boost. You will want more freedom, but don’t act as if you don’t care for others’ personal space. Things will remain in balance only if you respect the ideas and opinions of those around you. Your work will require a more practical approach if you want benefits. You may like to go to far off places in search of solitude, so that you can think more deeply about your purpose in life.

Please note that these predictions are general in nature. Actual results of the transit will be pronounced on the basis of time of birth and horoscope of an individual.

Good luck and May Lord Ganesha bless you with the benefits of Uranus’ transit through Pisces.

However, all these remedies should be done only after consulting an expert astrologer.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni