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Venus Transit in Scorpio 2019 and Its effects on Virgos

Venus Transit in Scorpio 2019 and Its effects on Virgos

The ruler of marriage, love, beauty and domestic bliss, Venus is transiting to Scorpio sign on October 28, 2019. Venus also has the authority of wealth and happiness. A well-placed Venus would lead to luxurious life and marital bliss. This is why Venus transit has become a major event to predict.

The planet is transiting to the third house in your birth chart of Janampatri. The house is a significator of younger siblings, cousins, courage, firmness, neighbors, and communications. The transit is very favorable for the Virgos and gives desired results at the workplace. The bond with siblings would grow strong and support from friends is foreseen.

You are likely to gain from your friends. Your friends would be supportive during the transitory motion of Venus. They would help you in accomplishing your tasks and achieving the goals. Your friend circle is also likely to increase during this period.

The period also foresees a career growth. Your career will grow well due to your sincerity and focus on work. Your daily tasks would be accomplished with an efficiency that helps you to achieve your professional goals at ease. You would be highly concentrated and focused on your work, and hence your work would be done effectively and with perfection.

You would perform beyond the expectations of your immediate boss and senior officials. The sincere and extra efforts you put in the workplace would be rewarded and recognized by your superiors. They would be impressed by your efficiency and focus on achieving the company goals. You may get promotions and salary increments during this period.

You would be more courageous during this period. You would work with full confidence at the workplace and avail desired results from your work. Your opponents can’t cause any harm to you during this period and you would win over them.

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The transitory motion would bring good news for you. The third house is a significator of siblings, so the transit foresees support from them. You are likely to find gains from your siblings. They will also do well in their respective fields. They would attain success in their fields and their career would grow with excellence.

Your relationship with your siblings would remain cordial. There would be a strong understanding between you and your siblings and there is hardly a chance of fights or disputes. Even if there are any fights, it would be a sweet fight with no grudges.

You may find an inclination towards music and arts. You would enjoy listening to music and may also attend musical shows or visit the art gallery.

Short journeys related to work or with family are foreseen during the transitory motion. The frequency of office trips would increase during this period and you are likely to get desired results from the trips. You would enjoy these journeys and the travel time would be pleasurable for you. You may also plan to go to your favorite destination with your family.

Overall the transitory motion would give favorable results in career and relationship with family, especially siblings.

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