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Effects of the Venus transit in Scorpio on Sagittarius Individuals

Effects of the Venus transit in Scorpio on Sagittarius Individuals

The twin of Earth, Venus is transiting in water sign Scorpio on October 28, 2019. Venus and Scorpio are considered a water sign and transit increases the involvement towards love and romance with your partner. Natives usually spend more on luxurious things or ones that enhance their beauty. It is because the planet is a key significator of luxury and beauty.

The planet is transiting to the twelfth house in your birth chart of Janampatri. The house is the significator of punishment, confinement, giving donations, marriage, enjoying luxuries, payment of fines and Vedic sacrifice. The transit may bring challenges in your life and would give mixed results to you. You would be mentally stressed due to dissatisfaction with results from efforts and an increase in unwanted expenditure.

The transit foresees an increase in expenditure. You should keep a watch on spending patterns and avoid unnecessary expenditure. You should spend money wisely.

You may have to travel unnecessarily and it will not give the desired results. You should try to postpone the trips for the time being and plan out in the future.

Your stress level is likely to increase. You would be stressed due to an increase in expenditure as it would strain your financial budget. You should make investments after proper analysis or taking advice from a financial expert.
If you are willing to travel abroad then the transit would bless you with the opportunity for the same. You may travel abroad related to work or business purposes. Long-distance trips for business purposes are foreseen in the transitory motion of the planet. You are likely to get the desired results from foreign deals and earn profits from foreign connections.

You are likely to face challenges in your career and business. The efforts you put in the workplace would not give you the desired results. The target and short term goals would not be achieved at ease. You need to put extra effort to get the desired results. The burden of work and challenges in goal achievement would keep you stressed. You would find difficulty in materializing your efforts. The efforts you put in would not go waste. Your extra efforts in the workplace will prove to be beneficial in the future.

Your career path would not be stable. You are likely to see ups and downs in your path. You should not be overstressed due to instability in a career. It would affect your focus in the workplace and result in a delay in the achievements of targets and goals.

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Your income would not be according to your expectations. You need to work harder to earn the desired income. You should cut down your expenditures for optimum savings.

Your personal relationships would not be smooth. The transit would create an impact on the relationship with your partners. There are high chances of disputes, misunderstandings, and arguments during this period. You should not hurt the feelings of your partner. You should follow the ‘You are right’ approach. The arguments between you and your partner would make your relationship bitter and strain your relationship with your partner.

You may get physical pleasure but mentally, you would be stressed. You would find difficulty in getting mental peace due to access work and misunderstanding in personal relationships.

The transit would have an impact on your health. You should keep a watch on your diet and exercise regularly to remain fit. You should visit a doctor for a regular check-up to ensure that you are fit and not suffering from any ailment. You should take extra care of your health as ill-effect would affect your personal and professional goals.

Overall you will get average results in a personal relationship and in career and business.

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