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Effects of the Venus Transit in Scorpio on Aquarius Individuals

Effects of the Venus Transit in Scorpio on Aquarius Individuals

Venus, the twin of the earth is transiting in intense sign, Scorpio on October 28, 2019. Venus transit in Scorpio would be all about power, control, obsession, loyalty, and intensity. The planet is associated with leisure and fun. According to Astrology, the planet primarily concerns luxury, wealth and worldly pleasures.

The planet is transiting to the tenth house in your birth chart of Janampatri. The house is the significator of the profession, authority, power, fame, position, success, status, karmas, the ambition of life, father, employers and senior officials, success in business and reward and recognition. The transitory motion of Venus in Scorpio would give average results to Scorpio individuals and hardship is foreseen in achieving career goals. The disputes and misunderstanding of small issues on the personal front are foreseen.

Effects of Venus Transit in Scorpio on Aquarius individuals

(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to Moon sign.)

You may find some hardships and hindrances on the career front. You need to put extra effort into work but still, you would not get the desired results. The achievement of goals and targets would be delayed and you would not be satisfied with the outcomes of your efforts.

The challenges that you face in completing tasks would lead to mental stress. Your opponents would be active and they would try everything to create hurdles in your progress and career growth.

Your fortune and luck would be in your support. So your opponents would not be able to succeed in their plans and would get results a little less than expected. You should not be disheartened as your hard work will not go waste. The efforts that you put now would give the desired results in the future.

The mental stress and dissatisfaction of the workplace would create an adverse effect on your health. You have to take proper care of your health to be focused on work and achieve career goals. You should do Yoga and meditation regularly for mental peace and be healthy and stay away from adversity. Try to eat healthy food and exercise regularly to stay fit.

The mental pressure and stress of the workplace would devoid you from spending quality time with your partner and family. You would not be able to give enough time to your spouse and children and hence they would get upset.

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The transit foresees some troubles in personal life. You may end up in disputes and hot talks with your spouse or family due to mental pressure at the workplace. You should remain cool and avoid arguments with them otherwise it would bring bitterness in the relationships.

You should keep office tension and pressure in the office itself and not bring it in your personal relationship. You should put the effort in spending time with your spouse and children to strengthen your relationship. If you take minor issues lightly then within no time it would turn major and strain your personal relationships. So be cautious while communicating with closed ones and don’t hurt their feelings.

You should be cautious before making a huge investment as there are chances of losses. You should postpone the investment or do it after taking advice from the financial experts. Wrong decisions taken now would add to problems in the future. You need to make decisions wisely.

Thus, the transitory motion of brightening planet Venus in Scorpio would not be as favorable in personal and professional life and would give an adverse effect on mental peace and health.

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