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Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Aquarius Individuals

Effects of the Sun transit in Libra on Aquarius Individuals

There is no better time to practice grace, fairness and connecting with others than the Sun’s transit through Libra! The Sun enters Libra on October 18, 2019. It is the best time to appreciate togetherness, soothing the soul, and taking in the beauty. Libra zodiac sign with no doubt is the sign of balance and with the Sun in Libra, peace, and harmony will prevail. But the Sun transit in Libra might also have negative impacts on some of the zodiac signs depending on the placement of the sun in different houses of your birth horoscope.

For Aquarians, Sun is transiting into the ninth house of the birth chart in your Janampatri which depicts your guru, your luck and a long-distance journey. Due to the passage of the Sun in Libra, you might face difficulties on the financial front as unavoidable expenses are on the cards. You need to aim at maintaining harmony and peace in the family, so avoid situations which may lead to arguments. You might also plan for a romantic date to strengthen your bonding.

Read on to know the impacts of the Sun transit in Libra for you and how you can make the most of the Sun in Libra.

The Sun is the most powerful planet in the solar system and it depicts your soul and your identity to the world. For career prospects, you need to be a little cautious. You will socialize more for the sake of your career but it will not give you any quick results.

You might also undertake a short business tour, but it won’t be beneficial. While scheduling critical business and work-related decisions you need to be more attentive.

Your communication will be disturbed in this period which will lead to misunderstandings. You may face small disputes and controversies so avoid getting into any verbal combat with your spouse in this period. Try to understand their feelings in order to make your love bond stronger. Plan for a romantic outing or a long drive so as to spend some quality time together.

You may feel stressed due to some legal issues. The opposition would try to strike you down. So be careful before you take any action or decision.

There will be unavoidable expenses and you will not be able to control them. Thus make sure that you avoid unnecessary expenses and risky investment during this transit.

There will be some kind of mental stress and the health might remain low for most of the part. So you are advised to remain aware and careful of your health.

Enemies will bother you during this time and try to distract you from achieving your goal. You are advised to avoid any arguments with them as this period is not favorable for you to get into any confrontation with them.

No major financial gain is envisaged here so you are likely to experience financial instability during this time. You might not get desired and beneficial results in terms of business and domestic life.

Do not let yourself be destabilized and treat the problems one by one, using your common sense and using proper words for communication.

Overall, Be Cautious Be Safe !!

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