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Know how Stellium 2019 will affect Taurus Zodiac Sign

Know how Stellium 2019 will affect Taurus Zodiac Sign

In astrology, a conjunction of three or more planets in one zodiac sign and house is referred to as a Stellium. One such Stellium of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn is going to be formed in Sagittarius zodiac sign starting from November 21, 2019, for approximately a month. This will greatly impact the Taurus individuals in a particular house. These planets are the significators of different areas in one’s life. Hence, the effects of Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter’s conjunction on Taurus will be massive.

The Stellium is going to be formed in the eight house of the Janampatri of Taurus individuals. This house is the significator of long life, obstacles in life, death, delay, inheritance. These areas of life will be impacted during the Stellium phase 2019. Ganesha predicts that this stage may be filled with a bit of gloom and increase in struggles in your life.

It is predicted that there will be some ups and downs in your personal and professional areas of life at this time. Your love life may take a toll on your mind. You may have some unhealthy arguments with your partner in marital life or love relationships.

Your family and partner may also feel that you are deviating your affection from them. They may feel that you are getting distant from them and are not giving enough time. You may have misunderstandings or differences of opinions in your personal life due to this.

It is suggested that you give special care and attention to those who are your near and dear ones. To make things right, you may take them out for a movie or dinner. This would give you a good edge during this phase.

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Individuals who are working in an organization would face difficulties. Your work may be hampered due to unwanted or unavoidable arguments. Work pressure may increase. You are likely to face competition as the opponents would try to hinder your progress. You are suggested to remain calm and not to take anything on your heart.

Your work may not get appropriate recognition and you may need to work harder to achieve your targets. It is advised that you research things properly and work towards your goal with a focused mind. Try to relax in between the work pressure. You can also take a walk by a garden after work hours to soothe your mind.

Business individuals may have competition in their ideas as well. You would need to think about your plan and are suggested to keep a check on the key growth areas in your business. Your shares may also go down and you would need to think twice before investing anywhere.

You may also face delays in getting funds. You should make use of money wisely and make decisions only after a thorough understanding of the matter. Get your detailed yearly report for the upcoming year, grab the chance now and improve your 2023!

You may not be in the pink of your health in this phase. Hence, it is advised to keep a check on your nutrition. You may need to take extra care of your health and manage the stress that may arise due to increase in obstacles.

Students may face some difficulties in studies. You are suggested to change or re-design your study time and patterns to increase concentration.

Overall this Stellium of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in Sagittarius may be the time of your life which will delay things.

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