Know How the Stellium in 2019 will affect Libra Zodiac Sign

Know How the Stellium in 2019 will affect Libra Zodiac Sign

Vedic astrology has a variety of treasures and one such is a three planet conjunction in one house and zodiac sign. Such a type of conjunction is going to take place in Sagittarius sign starting from November 21, 2019, for approximately a month. This is the Stellium of the brightest Venus, the largest Jupiter, and the strict planet Saturn. There would be tremendous energy and power during this time. The impact it would have on one sign would be different for another sign. It will affect the areas of life which are signified in the house it forms for Librans.

For the scales, the third house of their Janampatri is where the Stellium will form. This house is the significator of key areas like communication, valor, short journeys, education, relatives, intellect, writing or editing work. The effects of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn conjunction on Librans would be for these major areas of your life. This is a blessed phase as predicted by Ganesha and you can gear up for a good time of your life. When the stars are supporting you so well, it feels like a boon, isn’t it?

Let’s read in detail how the Stellium in Sagittarius would affect this cardinal air sign.

Effects of Stellium in Sagittarius on Libra Individuals

There is an improvement foreseen in terms of finances. You are likely to receive long stuck money from some or other sources. It is possible that you receive a promotion at work and a good increment with that.

Business professionals have chances of receiving profits. Market share may increase in this phase. Business journeys may give fruitful results and tie-ups with business partners would help you increase your monetary inflow. Get your 2023 yearly report and walk the path of success!

Make the best use of opportunities which are likely to come to you during this time in your career. You can bring a positive change by implementing new ideas in office. Your ideas may get a green signal from your immediate boss as the planets are also in your favor. This would help you do something better and get appreciation in this period.

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You are suggested to remain focused on strengthening your capabilities. You can try new ideas on improving your communication skills which would help you further. Reading more books and getting a hang on writing every day would help you improve your writing skills as well.

It is foreseen that there is some auspicious work to be carried out during this time. It can be a family ritual or an occasion to celebrate. It would give you a good time to meet your relatives and build social networks.

Students may be a bit distracted when it comes to studying regularly. You are suggested to focus on improving your study patterns and take the help of mentors who can guide you properly.

Your health may go through some highs and lows if not given proper care. You can continue your everyday routine to maintain fitness.

In all, the conjunction of three planets in Sagittarius sign may be a blessing for you. You are likely to gain fruitful results in your endeavors. Make use of the period with enthusiasm!

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