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Know How the Stellium in 2019 affect Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Know How the Stellium in 2019 affect Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The beautiful phenomenon is going to occur when the powerful Jupiter will come in conjunction with the adorable Venus and the taskmaster Saturn in one house of astrology. This three planet conjunction is called a Stellium in Vedic astrology. It is going to form in the Sagittarius zodiac sign and stay there for approximately a month starting from November 21, 2019. The three planets are the significators of different houses and hence their combined impact may be different on different zodiac signs. Hence, how the Stellium will affect Aquarius zodiac sign would depend on the house it is going to form in. It may be a boon or a bane which we unveil soon here.

For the water bearers, the Stellium is going to form in the 11th house of your Janampatri. This house represents gains in all sense; wealth, income, fulfillment of desires, rewards, profits, and recovery from disease. These major areas of your life are going to get affected due to the conjunction of three planets. We have some good news for you. Your monetary gains would increase and you would receive blessings to reach a new level is what Ganesha predicts for this phase.

Let’s know in detail how the Stellium of these three planets would affect this fixed air sign.

The phase of this transit can turn out to be a blessing for you in case of gains. You can utilize your talents and skills at the office to bring a good change. You are likely to get some good increment at the workplace due to this.

At the business front, you may receive good profits. Your market share may get a hike during this phase. You may also expect an inflow of money from new sources in your business ventures.

This is the time of your life when you may get a tremendous amount of opportunities. There are chances to get a new contract or a project to work on. This would help you explore more ideas and take your career to new heights.

You can make the best use of this time to improve your networking. This expansion of social network would be beneficial for growth in your future endeavors. However, be observant of your disagreements and difference of opinions with anyone. You should act in a particular discussion with apt understanding and listen to what others say with acceptance. This would help you remain focused and avoid any disbalance in life.

There are chances of catching up with a few old friends after a long time. There may be discussions about the times you used to be around. This meetup would make you feel happy and lighten up your mood.

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For people who are students, you would need to set your priorities in the right manner. You can make a time table to study and carry other activities during the day. This would help you achieve your goals with proper direction and focus.

There are no major ailments at this time. However, you are suggested to pay special attention to your diet and eating habits. Additionally, you can maintain fitness by doing exercises and meditation daily.

Overall, the effects of Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus conjunction on Aquarius would be good in these areas of your life. Utilize this time wisely and success is just a doorstep away.

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