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Effects of Saturn Transit on Cancer Moon Sign

The slowest moving planet in astrology has an enduring effect on all the zodiac signs. It’s time for the grand transit of Saturn in Capricorn zodiac sign. As this is Saturn’s own sign, it would portray freedom and independence. The transit is going to start from January 23, 2020, which would remain for a span of two and a half years approximately. After that, Saturn will move into Aquarius sign from April 2022. It takes around 30 years for the taskmaster to cross over all the signs of the zodiac before it finally reaches home ground – that is it’s own sign Capricorn.

For the Cancerians, Saturn is the Lord of the 7th and 8th house in their chart. It is going to transit to the 7th house of their birth chart. This is the house which represents marriage, spouse, passion, partnership in business, and journey. The transit will have a major impact on these areas of your life. Saturn may bring a bit of turbulence in your marital life during this transit. The impact it will create on your thought patterns will depend greatly on how you understand the tests of Saturn in your life.

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You might have experienced a sense of responsibility towards others in your day to day life during the Saturn transit 2017 in Sagittarius. This may have taken your time and energy, and you might have faced difficulty in focusing on long term plans. The past 3 years would have demanded your attention on health and proper time management. You would have excelled on those things in which you have walked an extra mile without even knowing it. Let’s uncover how the upcoming transit of Saturn will prove to be for you.

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(Kindly note: the below predictions are mentioned according to moon sign.)

Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon which signifies the emotional and mental strength of a person. Saturn will influence your moods during the transit and you will need to face the situations with a strong mind.

  • This period for you shall be a phase full of hard work and rewards. Since you will fulfill all your responsibilities satisfactorily, your chances of promotion will start looking brighter.
  • However, you will have to put some more efforts to maintain cordial relations with peers and superiors.
  • It would be wiser to use this time that you have on your hand to reflect on your past actions and decisions, learn from them and revise them if needed. Take determined steps to strengthen your career position in this phase.
  • There are chances of transfer related to job during the transit period. However, the impact of transfer would be positive and favorable in the longer run.

  • You are likely to receive a good amount of orders for your products. This will help you increase your profit levels in your business.
  • Using your skills and abilities will help you push ahead of your business prospects in general. More follow-ups are needed to strike a good deal.
  • As this transit period progresses, you will be able to make smarter business decisions.
  • However, the increase in orders will also increase your working hours for timely delivery of the products to your clients.
  • You may face challenges with your staff as they may not cooperate fully. You are suggested to handle situations tactfully with your team.
  • There are chances of monetary gains, in the long run, hence make use of this period in your business endeavors.

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  • The Saturn transit in Capricorn is going to shower gifts of wealth on you. Your meticulous work will pay you back in terms of incentives or increment in salary. However, these will be the results of your dedicated work and efforts.
  • There are chances of receiving monetary benefits for any additional professional work outside your office.
  • You are likely to gain profits in your business as well.
  • You may receive an amount you owe from someone for a long time. This will improve your financial conditions gradually.
  • You are likely to spend the income on luxurious things and visiting religious places.
  • However, to make the best use of what you earn, Ganesha suggests that you invest the additional income well for a better future.

  • Due to an increase in the workload in your professional life, your personal life might get impacted. Your ship is going to face some stormy waves during the transit period. Let the situation cool down patiently.
  • You may at times prefer a secluded environment in your own house wherein there is a lesser amount of noise. Take this time to think more deeply about various aspects of your personal life and relationships.
  • Don’t force anything and be patient. Everything will fall back into place with time. As this transit progresses, you will also have a clear vision of your expectations.
  • It is suggested that you handle the problems with sheer patience and maturity. Realizing your flaws and trying to correct them is what Saturn is asking you to do during the transit period.

  • Health might get impacted during the transit phase. Mental stress may get your energy levels down.
  • To maintain emotional equilibrium, you should use your communication skills to handle issues and use your inbuilt wit.
  • Limiting yourself to the quantity of food will help you maintain very good health.
  • Do not let your mood get ruined by negative thinking. Staying positive is very important.

In a nutshell, the transit of Saturn will give you gains after sincere work and understanding of the situations. Your new skill development and tackling problems with maturity will help you in the long run.

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