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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Sagittarius Moon Sign

In April 2021, we are going to witness Jupiter’s transition in Aquarius after 13 long years. And it may have some good or bad news for the Sag that you should make a note of. The transiting Jupiter is in your 3rd house, meaning the natives need to concentrate more and should sharpen their knowledge to deal with new experiences. Anyways, we are Hundo P sure that Sagittarius will have an onwards and upwards journey when Jupiter is transiting in Aquarius sign.

When Jupiter passes through the 3rd house, you tend to be a good planner, intellectual, and highly curious. You try to see the bigger picture and love to interact with others to know about their views and thoughts as well. On the other hand, Jupiter sitting in the 3rd house may test your mental capabilities, and therefore, you may lose your focus. During this time, female natives can improve relations with their spouse by offering love and support to their husbands. Read along with us to know Jupiter’s influence on Sagittarius Moon natives.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Sagittarius Health

  • The movement of Jupiter to occupy Aquarius symbolizes that Sagittarius natives should be health conscious. Being in the final stage of Sade Sati, you are likely to experience highs and lows in your health.
  • Especially, elders dealing with long term health problems should take precautions for their health.
  • Along with elders, children too need to care about their health. Otherwise, you may get neck problems while playing in the mud or sand.
  • It is suggested that parents should not allow infants below 5 years to eat unhealthy foods during this transit.
  • 30 to 35 years old females are suggested to be cautious about their health as you may complain of knee pain.
  • Natives who want to undergo leg surgery should wait a little longer and take an appointment in the end of August or September month so that you would have less difficulties.
  • Astrological observations suggest that the 6th house is not aspected by any auspicious planets, so if you feel discomfort or pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

As long as Jupiter is transiting in the Aquarius sign, you should pay proper attention to your health. Natives who are unable to get stable health are advised to wear Panchmukhi Rudraksha (rosary) to maintain good health. Also, by keeping a fast on Thursdays, you may overcome minor health issues.

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Sagittarius Career

  • This phase offers you favourable results in your career front. It motivates you to become mentally strong which pushes your career growth to a higher level.
  • Students may require to work hard in order to achieve good marks, other than that it would be a favourable time in terms of your education.
  • Also, you may plan to apply for master studies or any other degree course and may get success in it.
  • Sagittarius natives who are engaged in part-time jobs along with their studies should handle the things with care. Otherwise, you may be pulled down negatively.
  • Individuals with the Sagittarius sign may go abroad to complete their higher studies.
  • Overall, it is a good time for you to uplift your career.

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Sagittarius Finance

  • Jupiter transit to the Aquarius may leave the doors unlocked for the Sagittarius natives to grab the financial benefits, but to reach there, you should walk on a tight rope with an eye on your wealth.
  • And therefore, it is suggested for you to carefully read documents before signing them.
  • You may pay proper attention while making any financial plan else, you may get unfavourable results in the future.
  • Moreover, natives associated with sports and acting may need an extra push of efforts to commence their new tasks.
  • If possible, you should refrain from applying for loans as you may find it difficult to repay after some time.
  • However, if you want to proceed with a loan, you should properly check the documents, so that you won’t get into trouble.
  • All in all, it will be a fair time for Sagittarius pals in the field of finance.

Natives dealing with issues in their careers should remember Lord Shiva in their prayers. Donating oily foods every Wednesday

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Sagittarius Love & Relationships

  • While Jupiter is on the move, Sagittarius mates could have the taste of an easy-peasy relationship.
  • Jupiter’s influence may lit up the light in the dark world for the singles as they are likely to meet the ‘special one’ possibly in the month of April and May.
  • Referring to the astrological analysis, it would be safe to say for singles that fortune may stand by your side to get the desired marriage proposal in the months of April, May, June, or after November when the marriage yoga begins.
  • Lovers willing to take their relationship to the next level can hold their hands tight because it is the right time to begin your marriage proceedings.
  • In regards to your family relations, you may have disagreements with your cousins which may spoil your relations with them.
  • In this phase, you are advised to avoid arguing with your neighbours to maintain peace around your house.
  • Couples engaged in court-related matters to resolve their dispute can expect settlement between August to November.

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To restore the happiness in your relationship, you should worship Goddess Sarswati with a pure heart. Also, you should recite ओम बुं बुधाय नमः mantra to clear your misunderstandings with your partner.

In a Nutshell,

The impact of Jupiter transit in Aquarius on Sagittarius Moon Sign will be as follows:

Areas of Life

Influence of Jupiter Transit 2021

Health Challenging
Career & Finance Favorable
Love & Relationships Favorable

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