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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Libra Moon Sign

Jupiter’s enthusiasm to enter the Aquarius sign after all restriction with Lord of Rings, Saturn in Capricorn is not unnoticed. After 13 years, Jupiter will pass through the 5th house of Libra Chandra Kundli. The benevolent Jupiter will transit the air sign on 6th April and will remain here until September 14, 2021. However, Jupiter will transit in reverse gear from June 20, 2020, and meet Saturn transiting in Capricorn on 14th September yet again.

The mighty Jupiter acquiring the 5th house enables you to form love bonds, which may originate interests relating to religion and philosophy.

Also, Jupiter in the 5th house may give you a helping hand in terms of business and investments. Howbeit, you are suggested to avoid gambling and speculation. Alright Librans, buckle up yourself to drive through the impacts of Jupiter Transit 2021 on various aspects of life.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Libra Health

  • The good news for the Libra pals in regards to their health is that you are likely to maintain normal health.
  • But my friend, Saturn has its eyes on the 3rd house, indicating that you may have minor health issues like gas and acidity.
  • So, it is advised to eat fresh home-made foods, instead of binge-eating outside foods.
  • Elders who had balloon angioplasty are suggested to be more attentive towards their health.
  • Students may have all smiles if and only if they can take more sleep and a proper food diet on a daily basis.
  • Infants and toddlers aged 0-8 years will remain active in their activities, following their good health.
  • Female natives who are expecting babies are advised to look after their health, and during this phase, it’s better to have only home-made foods and drink more water.
  • Elder women between 35-48 years may face gynaecological problems, back pain, leg or muscular pain.
  • Natives who are currently dealing with major health issues are suggested to take proper precautions for their health. Also, it is best for you to check with a doctor and follow the prescription to recover asap. Hiring a caretaker may eliminate your half troubles.
  • Couples should keep their family planning on hold until June. The good time to explore your plans for progeny is between June and September.
  • To edge-past your health issues, female natives should worship Maa Durga with a pure heart.
  • Elder women can spend time reading Vishnu Shastra to achieve stable health.
  • Students may defeat their health problems by chanting Goddess Saraswati mantras.

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Libra Career

  • The influence of Jupiter on the career path of Libra individuals may help you to get career-best results.
  • Professional workers who are in connection with foreign companies may receive good news.
  • Natives engaged in the marketing field may travel more to achieve their targets.
  • Libra students who are appearing for IELTS exams may get success.
  • Job seekers are suggested to never give up despite their failed attempts as you may get excellent opportunities to work in May and June.

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Libra Finance

  • A more favourable time for Libra natives is likely to come as the house of the profession is aspected by auspicious Jupiter.
  • Jupiter’s 5th eye on the house of luck, 7th eye on the house of income, and 9th eye on the ascendant house further simplify that you may earn positive results while making business trips.
  • Moreover, politicians may achieve success in the election results.
  • Investment planners should put their ideas on hold until July.
  • Truly, this transition helps the stock market investors to receive financial gains, but in return, it may insist you to have unnecessary spendings.

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To surpass the career hurdles, Libra natives should donate oily foods on Saturday. However, students are suggested to recite the mantra of ‘Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya Namah’ to achieve their desired career goals.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Libra Love & Relationships

  • Watch out, Libra Lovers! It seems like you may undergo a mixed phase of love & relationship.
  • There may be ups and downs in your relationship, which you may fail to deal with. So, it’s better to keep each other’s words until we have a guest present in Aquarius.
  • The only favourable time to get close to your loved ones is the month of August.
  • The father and son duo are suggested to be careful as this phase may harm your relationship.
  • Even you should be more friendly with your neighbours from April to November.
  • Saturn 3rd aspect may hamper relations with your neighbours, and you may indulge in arguments with them.
  • During the transition, you may receive expected responses from your partner if you make sacrifices.
  • Elders are advised to offer love to their family members for having cordial relationships.

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To have a taste of a successful relationship, Libra natives should spend time performing Yoga or meditation. This will also help you to achieve mental peace. Moreover, lovers should chant the ‘Om Namah Shivay’ mantra to get their tuning with their loved ones back on track.

In a Nutshell,

The impact of Jupiter transit in Aquarius on Libra Moon Sign will be as follows:

Areas of Life

Influence of Jupiter Transit 2021

Health Moderate
Career & Finance Favourable
Love & Relationships Challenging

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