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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Leo Moon Sign

In the second quarter, on 6th April 2021, Jupiter moves through Aquarius after remarkable shifts in Capricorn and Sagittarius sign. The benefic planet will transit through the 7th house, so it will influence the House of Partnership. While the planet of expansion is transiting in the last air sign, i.e. until June 20, it may make the Lions’ scholar and fortunate.

Hey Lions, the transit of Jupiter in the 7th house may magnify your knowledge and intelligence. During this phase, dignity, honesty, and loyalty in relationships are indicated. Also, you may have an interest in religion and spiritual matters. However, it will affect your health, finance, career, love and relationship. So Lions, hold on to your seat to have insights into the impacts of Jupiter Transit 2021 on all areas of your life.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Leo Health

  • Leos can rest easy on the health front as you are likely to maintain good health in this transit phase.
  • But Leo children are advised to take proper care of their health as they might get infections from dust or may get injured due to falling.
  • There are chances of minor health issues like cold and fever.
  • During this transit phase, it is best to check your eyesight number as it may have increased. And due to this, you may have a headache. Those who do not have numbers may need to wear spectacles.
  • This is a favourable time for elders, so they are likely to maintain normal health.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius may give you a chance to travel to holiday destinations or have religious trips.
  • In short, there is no need to worry about your health as no major ailments are foreseen.
  • However, some minor issues in July and August can be faced by Leo Homemaker. These issues can be due to mental stress that they may get from arguments and differences in point of view with other family members. Also, they may have a stomach ache or knee pain.
  • For Leo Male natives, the transit of Jupiter in the 7th house will let them enjoy good health. However, it is better for them to start early instead of driving fast. Also, you may have to rent a car with a driver to avoid the risk of accidents.
  • Couples who are planning progeny or preparing for conception may get mixed results. So it’s suggested to consult a gynaecologist. Otherwise, you may have complications.
  • However, Leo females wanting to be a mother should try for conception after October 2021. It is likely to be a favourable time for progeny.

During this time, worshipping clan-deity may help housewives to overcome all imminent health issues. Leo children are suggested to offer water to Lord Sun to appease him and maintain good health in this phase. Elders may fight fit in this phase by reciting ‘Om Aim Hrim Klim Namah’ mantra.

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Leo Career

  • In terms of career and profession, Leo pals may enjoy a favourable time. The influence of Jupiter in the 7th house may help you to complete the current tasks on a positive note.
  • Everybody knows that hard work is the key to success. So, continue putting your sincere efforts on the work front as it will help you to get favourable results in this transit phase.
  • Also, this is a good time to change the job if you are planning it for a better prospect. You can try something new too during Jupiter transit in Aquarius.
  • Natives associated with the banking and finance sector may get new opportunities that help to develop their career.
  • Leo female natives may achieve their desired career goals or may also get a chance to work from home. So be ready to make out the most.
  • Students planning to study abroad and appearing for IELTS or TOEFL may get success in the month of April and May 2021. So book your exams dates in these months to clear the cut-off or get the required band.
  • However, the mixed results are foreseen in August 2021.
  • Teenagers who are looking for a government job will get new opportunities. But this may lead to staying far away from the native place.

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Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Leo Finance

  • Think twice before investing in BSE and NSE script.
  • The transit of Jupiter in Aquarius is not favourable for stock market investments.
  • So you are likely to make a wrong move during this time.
  • Guidance from experts before making a move can protect you from unfavourable results.

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Reciting ‘Aditya Hridaya Stotra’ during the Jupiter transit period in the Aquarius sign can help to get positive results in career and finance. Female Leos are suggested to Keep Diya and do puja of Tulsi every morning to fulfil your career goals.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects on Leo Love & Relationships

  • Leo, in love, will have a good time with someone close to your heart. Plan the date with your mate and cherish the moment.
  • And why not when Jupiter transit in Aquarius is blissful? Yeah, the benevolent planet will allow you to spend quality time with your partner by going on a long drive. This will help you to develop mutual relations with your partner.
  • Winning a battle doesn’t make you happy, but turning away and choosing to look in a better direction does. So, it is better for married couples to take a viewpoint on the backseat and try to understand each other. Otherwise, you may have huge arguments over unnecessary things.
  • However, Leo natives in committed relationships are likely to get favourable results. There is a marriage yoga from April to September 2021. So wedding bells are ringing, plan out other rituals, book designer marriage attire, and a diamond ring for your soulmate.
  • During this phase, your relationship with neighbours may remain cordial. You may build a mutual connection with them but are advised to be careful with it. Otherwise, small disagreements can turn major one day.
  • Also, this phase will be favourable for teenagers as they are likely to make new friends. They may spend more time with them too.
  • However, Leo guys are advised to take care of your elders and seek blessings from them. This will help you to achieve success in your field later.
  • It is best for you to wear comfortable clothes so that your mind remains stress-free.

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In a Nutshell,

The impact of Jupiter transit in Aquarius on Leo Moon Sign will be as follows:

Areas of Life

Influence of Jupiter Transit 2021

Health Favourable
Career & Finance Favourable
Love & Relationships Favourable

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