Dubai crisis won’t affect India, says astrologer Srirangam Ramesh Guru

Just when we thought that the world is on its way to recovery following last year’s economic meltdown, another crisis is threatening to snowball into an economy catastrophe. An announcement by Dubai World, an investment company that manages and supervises a portfolio of businesses and projects for the Dubai government, on November 26, 2009 requesting a six-month freeze on debt repayments from its creditors has led to widespread concerns across the globe, especially in the West Asian countries.

Although till now the impact has largely been restricted to Dubai and a few neighbouring countries, countries like India are keeping their fingers crossed that the tremors of the Dubai crisis doesn’t hit their economy, which has been precariously placed following the global economic meltdown.

Astrologer Srirangam Ramesh Guru uses Vedic Astrology method to predict the impact of the Dubai economic crisis on India.

Dubai crisis won’t affect the Indian economy. The transit of Shani (Saturn) from Leo to Virgo on September 9 is a favourable factor for the Indian economy. Also the Rahu-Ketu transit on October 18 promises a positive change for India. Indian economy will outperform most other economies in 2010. Considering Saturn’s the position, Indian manufacturing sector will do better than financial and IT services. Now that India is out of Ashtama Shani period, chances for unexpected positive changes are very high.

Cause of Dubai Crisis
The root cause of the Dubai crisis is the transit of Saturn (Shani) from Leo to Virgo. As per the region’s planetary positions, the situation seems to be very tough for the next three years. The forthcoming Saturn retrograde from January 10, 2010 is also a negative for this region. The economic condition, however, will improve from 2013 onwards.

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