Srirangam Ramesh Guru

Srirangam Ramesh Guru


He has the ability to understand the past, present position of people and give up to date suggestions and remedies for all occasions. Capacity to deliver traditional astrology customized to modern world.


Reintroduced traditional vedic astrology into the modern world. Particularly in the mobile media with some new services based on traditional astrology.He helped many struggling people to come out of worries and problems by giving simple and useful suggestions. Developed a new concept based on traditional astrology system named FAVOURABLE DAYS with more importance all graha movements. Founder of Vedic Astrology Foundation for Social Development.Successful Predictions: Victory for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Victory for Barack Obama in US elections, Japan Elections victory for opposite party.


He hails from a traditional Brahmin priest family. His ancestors were advisors to the Great Vijaynagar Empire existed in the 13th Century. He has more than 15 years experience in traditional vedic astrology, as vedic astrology is the main profession of his family.He belongs to the Surya(SUN) dynasty - Prathama Sakha Niyogi and learned astrology through gurukul system. He learned more traditional techniques from guru Semmangudi Sri Vaidhyanatha Shastri. His grandfather Rajagopala Iyer was a famous pandit in tamilnadu. Saint and Karnatic singer Saint Thyagaraja was one of his ancestors.


18 years


He is specialised in all forms of astrology like Basic horoscope analysis, forecast and remedies for personal and professional development. Marriage Advice, Business Astrology, Career Guidance, Health Astrology, Gem Recommendations & Remedies for development. As he belongs to traditional Brahmin family, he knows the family professional knowledge practised by his ancestors. Though he is young, his expertise in astrology is equal to ancient vedic astrologers.


Social work, visiting ancient temples, writing


To help the society. To promote bhakti yoga for joyful and peaceful life.

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