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David Copperfield investigated by FBI

David Copperfield investigated by FBI

David Copperfield , the American magician and illusionist best known for his combination of illusions and storytelling is facing problems. On October 18, 2007, the website TMZ.com reported that David Copperfield was being investigated by the FBI.

David Copperfield has Leo Ascendant and Saturn-Rahu conjunction is placed in the 4th house with Ketu in the 10th house(house of profession) very much suited to his profession as illusionist and magician because Ketu is the significator of occult and Rahu the signficator of illusion is placed with Saturn in the sign Scorpio. Scorpio is the 8th sign of Zodiac representing occult subject. Adding to this the Lord of 10th house Venus is placed in the Scoprio Navmansa.

Currently, the transting Saturn is moving in the Ascendant in the 8th house from natal Moon creating problems for him. He is feeling the pressure more acutely as the Saturn is forming square with his natal Saturn-Rahu conjunction. He is currently running Saturn-Ketu-Saturn preiod which might continue to creat problems for him till 9th November 2007 though Copperfield later issued a statement through his attorney denying all allegations of misconduct. He might have respite from 15th November 2007 but the period between August and October 2008 seems very stressful as he is bound to face some accute pressure and allegation which might become very tough for him to handle.

Ganesha’s wishes him all the luck and may Lord Ganesha bless him with wisdom and patience.

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