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Colours in the Flag of Pakistan – whether it indicates characteristics or future

Colours in the Flag of Pakistan – whether it indicates characteristics or future

Introduction: Pakistan became independent on August 14, 1947. A few people led by Muslim league played pivotal role in choosing the colours of the flag of Pakistan. The national flag of Pakistan was designed by Syed Amir-uddin Kedwaii and was based on the original flag of the Muslim League. It was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947, just days before independence.

As per official stand points, the reasons for choosing particular colours and symbols are as follows:

The National Flag of Pakistan is referred to as Parcham-e-Sitāra-o-Hilāl in the National Anthem in Urdu which means the Flag of the Crescent and the Star.

The flag comprises a dark green field, representing the Muslim majority of Pakistan. The flag also symbolizes Pakistan’s commitment to Islam, the Islamic world.

What does the colors and symbols indicate about the state of affairs?
As per Vedic astrology, the New Moon is always considered weak. The Moon rules the mind. Moreover, the combination of Mercury and the weak Moon is considered inauspicious. Mercury under affliction represents psychosis, perpetual crisis due to fickle minded rulers, constant trends of paranoid people and religious bigotry. These negative features are evident today.

White represents freedom of expression, tolerance and moderation.

Green represents wealth and development.
The flag hosts a combination of Green ruled by Mercury and White ruled by Moon. The color white stands for purity and truth; the color green stands for faith and fertility.

The weak Moon in the case of Pakistan signifies less control over emotional and authoritative matters, a sense of deprivation, inequality and craving for progress.

The combination of the two feminine planets Venus and Moon indicates a Female oriented society. However, weak Moon in the case of Pakistan signifies male dominated society and less importance and rights to females.

The combination of Mercury and Moon signifies intellect and artistic inclinations (Pakistan has given to the world great poets and singers too) and the weak Moon combination indicates controversies, conspiracies and clandestine activities.

In the case of Pakistan, this affliction is aggravated by the presence Moon as a symbol. Today, Pakistan has made significant progress in all fields albeit through questionable means but is still being deprived of its rightful place in the comity of nations, because a few people are misleading the nation.

If one wonders, why has Pakistan not progressed in the past 61 years and being labelled by the superpowers of the world as a fundamentalist state and designated as a heaven for terrorists? The reasons to the why must be amply clear now.

So, colours do play a vital role in deciding the destiny of a nation. Can we say?

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