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Blackmail scandal upsetting the British royal

Blackmail scandal upsetting the British royal

There are reports in media that a member of the British royal family has been targeted in a blackmail scandal involving sex and drugs use.

The blackmailer reportedly demanded £50 000 in return for not publicizing a video purportedly showing the royal engaged in a sex act. Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the report though. But this must have disturbed the Queen.

Looking at the Queen’s chart, Ganesha finds that the transiting Saturn is moving in the 2nd house (house of family) from natal Moon. The effect of the last phase of Sadeshati is more acute in her case due to conjunction of transiting Ketu and Saturn. Adding to this, the transiting Rahu is moving over the natal Venus, the planet of glory and in her chart Venus is the Lord of 6th house indicating hyper activities from the enemies. And she was under the influence of Rahu-Mars-Venus period as well. Now, she is under the influence of Rahu-Mars-Sun period and Sun is very strong in her chart. So, she will handle the issue with full authority and will not allow tarnishing the royal image in any case. Her health will require extra care around July 2008.

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