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Benefits Of Janampatri: Get Answer To All Quest Of Life

Benefits Of Janampatri: Get Answer To All Quest Of Life

Many times, we ask ourselves, What is happening in my life? Why am I doing this? And so on. From the decisions you make to the emotions you feel to your patterns in life, all these things depend on the position of planets in your horoscope. It is here that Janampatri brings on a new opinion in your life. Let’s discuss the benefits of Janampatri.

Learning about how the stars and planets were aligned when you were born and how those placements affect your life can help you greatly along your life path. Your free Janam Kundali analysis can deliver important messages to you about your strengths, weaknesses, relationships, career, business, wealth and natal promise that you are born with!

Your Janampatri outlines how the position of every planet in the solar system was at the exact time you were born joined to build your unique personality. Whatever good or bad events you experience, the personality you have, the behaviour you exhibit, your Janampatri provides a definitive explanation of all the ways you are influenced by the universe.

Using your specific birth information, your personalized Janampatri shows you your natal chart, then gives you 10 types of birth charts with 360-degree analysis, next 10 years of detailed annual predictions. You’ll learn all about the important timelines for the different areas of life, how planets influence your luck, what challenges you’ll face in life, etc.

Janampatri gives you a greater awareness of your purpose in life. Without further ado, let’s know the multiple benefits of Janampatri.

Life is uncertain, and we all always try to discover ways to handle these uncertainties. Janampatri is your first move in that direction. With the help of Janampatri, you can get a more extensive analysis of your life.

Here are the benefits of Janampatri:

1. Your unique strengths and weaknesses:

Janampatri signifies one’s birth chart, which tells everything about the position of the planets according to the birth details of the native. A birth chart is distributed into 12 houses, including different signs and planets. These houses offer an in-depth analysis of your characteristics, personality, temperament, strengths, and weaknesses on the basis of the placement of signs and planets.

2. How the planetary alignments and positions affect your personality and energy:

In astrology, each planet represents a different set of qualities and characteristics and rules over a specific part of our lives. They also bring with them their own unique energies. Janampatri helps you understand planetary positions which are depicted with the help of 12 houses. It is the blueprint of your life and a roadmap that shows how your life will shape up. With Janampatri you can discover how the planetary alignments and positions affect your personality.

3. What career path suits you best:

This is the most common question when one enters the twenties. It’s time to use your Janampatri for your decision making! Everyone dreams of having a highly successful career that they enjoy and that provides them with the lifestyle they desire. Discover the skill that planets have in store for you to fulfil your lifelong dream. With Janampatri, you can explore suitable career options based on your birth chart.

4. Know your important yogas and doshas:

From your Mahadasha, and Antardasha to your Doshas and Auspicious yogas in your birth chart, your Janampatri reveals it all. Yogas and doshas that form in your Kundali have a deep impact on your personality and destiny. They influence you and guide your path to the direction that your life must take and at what time. Janampatri will tell you about all the important yogas and doshas in your Kundali.

5. Your marriage prospects and married life:

Marriage is an important decision that most people take and it changes your life entirely. So, choosing a life partner is the most important decision one needs to make. Everyone desires a partner who is compatible with them and understands them completely. Janampatri can help one to find out a compatible partner by simply analyzing their respective birth charts and checking for Manglik Dosha if any. Mangal Dosha or Manglik Dosha is caused when Mars is afflicted in a Birth Chart. With the help of Janampatri, you will be able to know the effects of Dasha of planets on your married life/marriage prospects and favourable time for married life/marriage prospects.

6. Growth and future prospects for education:

Taking the first step towards choosing the right career begins with choosing the right stream and courses. Which stream should you choose? Whether will you get a chance to study abroad or not? Your Janampatri is going to give answers to all of them. You can also discover Yogas relevant to education and favourable periods for education.

7. Important timelines for every aspect of life:

Whether it is your career, wealth, education, marriage, or love life; your personalized Janampatri reveals all the secrets of your life. Excellent, Good, or Average – with Janampatri you will know different important timelines of your life.

This is the power that a few pages of Janampatri hold for you. It empowers you to make smarter decisions and excel in all aspects of life rather than to be at the mercy of Planets – married life, career, love, finance, education & much more. It helps you to reveal you’re true potential. With the help of Janampatri, you can get a more detailed analysis of your past, present, and future.

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