Chandra Kundli Importance And Its Construction in Vedic Astrology

Matching the bride and groom’s Kundli (or Birth Charts) before the wedding is a common ritual in India. The process of making the two kundlis correspond is referred to as guna milan. Guna and Nakshatra lord are furthermore reliant on your Moon sign.

In the birth chart or horoscope, the position of the moon is critical to its reflection of the sun. This constellation, also known as the Great Square of Pegasus, is seen as the reigning monarch of the Navagrahas and regulates the intellect of Hindus according to their astrology. When the moon shines on us, it increases our generosity and charity. It has a significant influence on a person’s Janam Kundali.

Moon Chart or Chandra Kundali Says

If the Raja Yogas forms are seen in your Lagna chart, this validates the Yoga in the Chandra Kundali as well. Another function of the Chandra Kundli is to judge a person’s mental health. In the Dasha calculation, the time of your birth is used as a reference for the position of the Moon. It is self-evident that Chandra Kundli must be given a great deal of attention because the mind is an essential human organ.

Chandra Kundli or Moon Chart judges Shani’s (Saturn’s) Sade Sati (seven and a half years).

Moon governs our moods. The person may suffer from lung disorders such as colds, sinusitis, asthma, TB, womb, skin, depression, mood swings, and other mental problems if the Moon is not adequately positioned in the natal chart.

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Chandra Kundali Calculator - Identifying Your Chandra Kundli

With the Moon Sign Calculator, you can find out what sign your Moon is in, and it will also give you some insights into how that sign affects your personality. You will have to provide birth date, time, and place of birth, and one can use that information to discover your Moon sign and to deduce the influence of your sign on your character. The Moon Sign Calculator uses the zodiac sign the Moon was in at the time of a person’s birth to find out which zodiac sign they are.

Let’s have a look to understand the Importance of the Moon Sign better:

  • It can show how your personality, character, likes and dislikes, and intrinsic characteristics are linked.
  • It can help you discover your destiny, guiding you in the appropriate direction.
  • A significant element of knowing if you’re compatible with others, especially your partner, is how it influences your relationship. It might be anyone, including your mom, brother, friends, father, boyfriend, wife, or colleagues.
  • It works in keeping a long-term, healthy relationship with everyone.
  • It is known to have a strong influence on your life path, your good fortune, as well as mental compatibility with the second person born under a specific Moon sign.
  • Knowing your Moon Sign is essential in order to go through Indian Vedic Astrology. Astrologers in India use the Moon Sign to foretell day-to-day life events.
  • In the Indian system of astrology, the Moon sign is taken as the first house, after which the forecast is made using the Gocher or Transit of the relevant planet into various houses.

Analyzing Chandra Kundli

To find out numerous facets of life, an individual’s Chandra Kundli is studied in Vedic astrology. In the same fashion, Chandra Kundli is able to find numerous other details about the life of the person in question with the use of the Lal Kitab method.

The significance of Chandra Kundli in the Lal Kitab is notable. The influences of the planets and the intersections are what influence the results. However, in the book called ‘Lal Kitab’, the house associated with the moon (which is a cardinal and a trine to the Sun and Mercury) is known as house four. The moon’s three adversary planets are Saturn, Venus, and Rahu. There are certain houses in a kundli that are seen as highly favourable for positioning the moon.

More often than not, the Lal Kitab predictions will prove to be beneficial when using Chandra Kundli. It can tell whether the native can get pleasure from his wife or whether he’ll be unable to have it. Lal Kitab calculates varshaphal using the same process as Vedic Astrology. When Varshaphal decides episodes likely to occur in life and remedies to overcome afflictions that the native may have to go through, it means he or she has determined all that is likely to happen in life. To help predict issues such as financial instability and marital discord, utilise the service of Chandra Kundli.

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Construction Of Moon Chart

To create a Chandra Kundli, follow these steps:

  • Determine the location of the Moon in your natal chart.
  • The Ascendant is in place of the Moon’s governing zodiac (the zodiac in which the Moon is located) now rotate all the zodiacs (Rashis) and the planets in them such that the Moon and its ruling zodiac (the zodiac in which the Moon is present) are in place of the Ascendant.
  • As a result, all the planets will be relocated automatically. This illustrates the Moon is placed in the 10th house of Gemini for a Virgo-Ascendant. It indicates that that person belongs to the astrological sign of Gemini (moon). In order to equip you with your Gemini Chandra Kundli, have the moon in the first house, the number one.
  • In comparison to how the Moon was placed behind the Ascendant, Ascendant will be shifted from its first house to a house located at the same number of house distance away. Your Chandra Kundli appears on this new chart.

Chandra Rashi Kundali Overview

The placement of the moon in the chart denotes our moon sign or Rashi according to Vedic astrology. 

Because there are only 12 Rashis or Zodiacs in Vedic Astrology, the Moon sign can be any of the 12 types. Let’s have a look at how your mind and emotions will react if the Moon is in one of the signs below:

  • Aries: You’ll be a quick-thinking, impatient learner.
  • Taurus is the moon’s most popular sign. Mentally, the person will be OK.
  • Gemini: You’ll have a dualistic mind.
  • Cancer: You will be a motherly figure who looks after everyone as if they were her children.
  • Leo: You want to roar like a Lion, right? You are destined to be a leader and a royalist.
  • Virgo: In your approach, you will be quite realistic.
  • Libra: You’ll be able to keep your mind in check. To be satisfied, though, you must strike a balance.
  • Scorpio: In this sign, the Moon does not feel pleasant. It causes a lot of changes in people’s minds, depending on the other aspects and planetary alignments in their horoscopes.
  • Sagittarius: As it is a dharma house, you will be drawn to religion.
  • Capricorn: Your thinking will be steady, but your approach will be strict.
  • Aquarius: You’ll be outgoing and communicative, and you’ll want to be a part of a variety of societies and communities.
  • Pisces: You’ll have a spiritual bent on your personality, and your mind will be drawn into various realms.

Chandra Kundli - Moon In Your Kundli

A person with a strong Moon in their kundali will have a loving attitude and an intrinsic ability to care for others in a responsible manner, similar to how a mother cares for her children. It is a broad altruistic caring, similar to a mother’s love for her kid. This is a characteristic of a well-placed, elevated Moon in Taurus in a horoscope.

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Characteristics Of A Maleficent Moon

Unless it is quite close to the Sun at Amavasya, the Moon is usually not malefic. A malefic Moon might become overbearing. A mother who exhibits this trait strongly may become overly protective of her child, a religious leader may become dogmatic, and a family head may become overly orthodox.

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The Characteristics Of A Weak Moon

Emotional problems are indicated by a weak Moon in the horoscope. It indicates that the person came from a disadvantaged family background during their youth. In terms of nature, it is a fickle creature that denies a person’s ability to make up their mind. It has the potential to cause despair and negativity.


In your birth chart, the Moon is the second most rapidly moving entity. Ascendant, as we all know, reflects our personality/first impression, physicality and serves as the foundation for our entire life’s map. As a result, in Vedic Astrology, Chandra Kundli is the most significant chart.

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