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Beijing Olympic good but NOT great

Beijing Olympic good but NOT great

Ganesha says for sheer technical perfection, near perfect preparation and overdrive in ambition, the Beijing Olympic starting on August 08, 2008 will be simply outstanding and spectacular.

Personally I am looking forward to the clash of spirit kings, Bolt, Powell and Tyson Gay. Also, will Chinese hurdler, Liu Xiang again win the the Olympic Gold for China? Will the Chinese best kept secret specific programmes in 10 disciplines for the Beijing games, yield mighty great results?

I am not referring to the numerological good or bad luck of 08/08/2008, the astrological fact that President Hu Jintao will have his transit Sun in the house of defeat, or the two eclipses in August. Much has, and will, be made of these by psychics, astrologers, numerologists.


Call it Ganesha’s Grace, ESP, gut feeling, but the Beijing Games lacks the human touch and falls short of genius care for the athletes and sporting fair play. So strong is the Chinese compulsion to impress others with their outstanding achievements and grandeur, and so rigorous is their training for it, that, paradoxically it might defeat the very purpose! The weather, the very atmosphere of rigid censorship and surveillance, might hinder genuine friendliness, camaraderie, exchange of ideas, opinions, laughter, which is so very essential for elation and unforgettable moments. Mechanical record breaking feats do not make for joy and happy moments. The shadow of the terrorists and Tibet, the two terrible Ts, looms large over the Beijing games. The lightness of being, the supreme test of glorious achievement, will NOT be at Beijing! It is not a mere pity. It is tragedy. I sportingly confess you can differ.

Special Note: Human beings are NOT logical. They are complex, psychological, bombs which can EXPLODE. China and Beijing are NOT fully aware of it. It is their LIMITATION and TRAGEDY!

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Ganesha’s Grace
Bejan Daruwalla