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Astrology And 21st Century

Astrology And 21st Century

We are beings of the 21st century. It is rather a comprehensive aspect than just a phrase, an aspect that combines everyone alike and unites us in the new-age advantages that are at our disposal and the thinking process that it has shaped for us all.

Science and technology have enabled us in standing upright in this cosmos with confidence and take decisions based on data, inferences and within the parameters of a plethora of proven phenomenon. We no longer wander in search and astonishment while trying to perceive the universe around us. We apply logic to find answers and these answers are empowered by the knowledge and technological advancement that we’ve acquired over time.

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Though it seems afar, it is just a mere 1.8 million years ago when we humans were hunters and gatherers. We did not have the means to comprehend the intricacies of the nature that surrounded us nor understood the cosmos that shaped our existence. But since then, no matter where we were, we always looked up at the stars in amazement. We were blessed with a keen sense of pattern recognition and as we advanced, we learned that the stars in the sky, apart from providing an omnipresent and mesmerizing aesthetic view, beheld answers that could help us survive, navigate and predict.

Somewhere around 2,400 years ago, we humans looked at the stars to predict our future for the very first time. This was the invention of Astrology, a science that we’ve now mastered. Astrology allows us to understand human nature better, predict the course of our lives and take steps that ensured we thrived. With the wave of technological advancement and evolution itself, we’ve garnered immense knowledge in decrypting what the stars and planets that govern us have to offer.

We’ve learned how to leverage this knowledge in understanding humans, their personalities, events that occur and drawing predictions of what the future has to offer. This advancement gave us the confidence to approach life and all that it has to offer, with rigor, resilience, and enthusiasm.

As humans, we are hardwired to detest uncertainty. We cannot handle uncertainties very well and this was rather a boon to us. The quest of being certain about the working of our surroundings and our survival eventually brought us to the existing heights of advancement that we’ve achieved.

Astrology is the means of reducing the uncertainty of our lives. Studies have suggested that uncertainty causes much more stress to humans than knowing about negative and inevitable consequences. The stress that uncertainty brings, eventually hampers our daily routine, clouds our judgment and increases dissatisfaction in return for the effort.

Astrology translates the signs and knowledge about our lives that is hidden in the stars, to insights that help us make predictions about the time to come. This has enabled us to make calculated decisions. We can leverage astrology to recognize favorable times that are underway and plan events of life accordingly, while we can learn about the complicated aspects and take necessary precautions in daily life to tackle them efficiently.

This enables us to plan our lives better with greater happiness and success, while it also enables us in revealing reasons behind unlikely events and unhappiness.

Studies tell us that Astrology is at its peak. With the onset of technology and enhanced connectivity around the globe, more and more people have access to Astrology.

As our lives moved online, Astrology too became available to us at our fingertips. The digital world has provided Astrology with the needed infrastructure and this has made Astrological solutions to be more dynamic, spontaneous and easily available. The uncertainty that people had with Astrology has been dealt with by the global availability of logical information and intricate principles that lay the very foundation of Astrology. This has helped increase awareness and understanding of the concept.

Pertaining to these factors, Astrology provides answers to millions of people every day. The number of people reaching out to astrologers has exponentially grown over the period of the last two years, and with better and quicker services that the internet has enabled, the ease of the process and benefit to life continues to win more and more hearts.

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