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Join in the Garba dance steps…this Navratri!

Join in the Garba dance steps…this Navratri!


As the evenings become dewy and the nights chilly, India and the Indians across the world get ready to begin their splendorous festive season. And, what better way to bring home the festivities than Navratri! Indeed, Navratri festivities are a great time to strike new friendships or revive the old ones. Often colourful Garba events are meeting grounds for youth looking to mingle and find love and romance, or impress a special someone. Won’t then it be great, if you knew in advance, how people like to celebrate during such occasions, in their own special ways. Well, to help you, we bring you complete lowdown on how various Sun Signs and your favourite celebrities like to celebrate Navratri. Take your cues, for starters, for Aries, Taurus and Gemini quirks.

Impromptu and spontaneous works best with an Aries!Aries
What kind of Aries are you? Calm, poised and broody – much like the talented Ajay Devgn OR stylish, enchanting and ever-so-classy like Lara Dutta, Chitrangadha Singh and Lisa Ray? Well, get clues from these popular Arians and be reminded that these energetic powerhouses may not show it, but they actually love to celebrate Navratris with full fervour.Cool Cats..eh!
At Navratri and Dandiya pandals, they may appear as the real cool cats. Most Aries would ensure they have learnt the dance steps before-hand.Slow Build-up
Their clothing will follow the latest trends and would, most likely, stand out. Playing cool initially, they will slowly get into the groove of the things, and later may get so engrossed in their dancing that they may even end up stomping on some feet, in the crowded pandals! All in all, be your ebullient best, if you are to impress an Aries at Navratri. Don’t dress too traditionally, though. Fusion works the best!

Snack Time!
And, ask your Aries for a quick snack, just as you take a quick break – Rams love the extra dose of affection.

You can’t just plan enough…but say no to whacky with a Taurus… Taurus
Celeb Partners…
The iconic beauty Audrey Hepburn was a Taurean, and so is the inimitable Al Pachino. Amongst the contemporary crop, Anushka Sharma is a true blue Taurean and so is the stunning Jessica Alba. You see the similarities here? All of them creative geniuses – measured and immaculate – well turned out, almost always.Plan…plan and then plan some more!
Be punctual and plan well, thus, if you wish to impress a Taurean, this Navratri. Good administrators themselves, most Taurus natives are all for details – so they discuss plans before-hand, will fix time to reach the destination and co-ordinate well with their group, about who is reaching when and how.Fashion matters…
Ruled by Venus, they have a fine fashion sense. And, for a festival like this, they will surely be dressed up pretty well. Light make-up and unusual pieces of jewellery may be sported by Taurean women.

Dance steps!
When dancing, expect the careful Taurus natives to come well prepared, having learnt and mastered most dance steps in advance. As they dance, they will ensure that everyone in the group is included – none ignored.

However, the stubborn Bulls may lose it, if you try to make them do something they don’t agree to. So, don’t go overboard!

Don’t know your Garba steps? A Gemini will help you! Gemini
Talk, talk, talk…
Ruled by Mercury, the Gemini like to play Navratri with complete enthusiasm and zest. The eloquent Twins usually love this festival, as this acts as an excellent networking opportunity for them, and helps them meet and mingle with new/ old people. Do ask out a Gemini for a fun-filled Navratri evening, if impressing him or her is on your mind. Geminis love talking; most of them are quite self-assured and comfortable in their own style.Cool as a cucumber!
Get your clues from cool Geminis like Angelina Jolie and Sonakshi Sinha – and remember that they like and enjoy doing their own thing. Many of them are also quite fashion forward, much like Sonam Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty, so expect them to turn up all dressed up, oozing style and turning heads – they may not have spent hours dolling up, but would surely be their divasque best. They will, thus, appreciate if you yourself have also made an effort to dress well.The Helpers…
On their own, most Geminis play sensibly when on the Garba dance floor/ ground, and rarely display any over-the-top antics. They are also helpful, so if any one in their group doesn’t know the dance steps, they will try to put them at ease.

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