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Angarak Chaturthi

Angarak Chaturthi

March 25, 2008 Tuesday.
day: Falgun Krishna Paksha : 04
Rahukal: 03:00 pm to 04:30 pm
Angarak Ganesh Sankashta Chaturthi

Lord Ganesh
One of the most popular Gods in India, lord Ganesh or Ganpati is considered a symbol of wisdom and one who brings good luck. It is said that his elephant head symbolizes everything related to wisdom, long ears that miss nothing, a long nose that can smell anything and his vehicle, a mouse, reflects how much importance a wise man gives to the smallest of life forms. Installed at gateways and on doors, either by visuals or symbols, generally facing the east, Ganesh is revered across India as a great remover of obstacles. Meetings, gatherings, weddings, functions and celebrations begin with a prayer of lord Ganesh and no new venture – be it a new company, a new house, a new shop – is inaugurated without reciting a ‘mantra’ of lord Ganesh. Avail Solutions To Issues In Personal Life With Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice

Lord Ganesh is remembered on chauth or chaturthi, the 4th day of every month of the Hindu calender, but Angarak Chaturthi which is celebrated across the India, is the prominent festival among Hindus. Angarak Chaturthi is one of the days when Ganesh pooja is performed by devotees. The meaning of Angarak is planet Mars (Mangal). If anyone worships Lord Ganesha on this day, he can be blessed with benefits of all the Chaturthis of a year. This year Angarak Chaturthi falls on March 25, 2008.

Ganeshji is a must for Diwali pooja as he is to be worshiped in all pujas before any other God or Goddess. Traditionally on Diwali night, Ganesh shares the altar with Lakshmi. Shree Ganesh is the God of good beginnings and remover of obstacles. In the Hindu mythology, the two are not related, Ganesh being the son of Shiva and Parvati. However, when placed side by side, Lakshmi and Ganesh bless their devotees with promise of a year of fulfillment, free from wants.

Ladoos are distributed on the day. According to tradition ladoos are placed in different corners of the house and eaten before the meal. Milk is offered to idols of lord Ganesh at home and at temples, and Ganesh puja is performed at all temples and in-house prayer rooms. Fasting, feasting and distribution of sweets offered to Lord Ganesh are important aspects of Ganesh chaturthi rituals in India. Hindus pray to images of Lord Ganesha, many of them made specially for the occasion by artisans, and those that do not wish to keep the idols alive by daily prayers, offerings and lighting oil lamps, immerse the idols in the nearest water body (all rivers, lakes and the sea which are sacred to Hindus). Purchase The Ask Any Question Report And Get Answers To Any Concern

During the Ganesh puja, the idol of goddess Lakshmi is placed on the left and Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed god is kept on the right. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and also personifies beauty, grace, and charm. She is normally depicted seated on a lotus with gold coins. Lord Ganesh has many functions in the Hindu mythology. He is the Lord of Wisdom and the remover of obstacles.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” There is much more in the name than what Shakespeare has told in one of his lyrical romances. The story behind the christening of GaneshaSpeaks is interesting one.

When the site was under way, Hemang Arun Pandeet, CEO & MD of Siddhi Vinayak Astrology Services pondered over the selection of name. And on one fine day the words GaneshaSpeaks came out with joy and exuberance on his face. But the question is why
Ganesha and not any other deity is associated with the site?

Mr Pandeet says that Astrology is a mirror to life, and Ganesha is life itself. Mortal beings fear the unknown. Ganesha, through astrology, acts as a beacon of light in the darkness, and illumines the path for us. Therefore Ganesha is the supreme-being, whose dexterity in
dealing with the planets is invoked by astrologers to unravel the mysteries of existence. Moreover, Ganesha is lord and master for all the astrologers. Bejan Daruwalla is also an ardent devotee of Lord Ganesha.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,