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Bring Home Luck And Happiness-Celebrate Akshaya Tritiya

Bring Home Luck And Happiness-Celebrate Akshaya Tritiya

Introduction :Akshaya Tritiya is an annual spring festival celebrated by Hindus and specifically the Jains. It is an auspicious time signifying the ‘third day of unending prosperity,In Jainism,it commences the first Tirthankaras(founder of a Tirth).Palitana,a famous pilgrim place marks the day with fasting and ascetic austerities. It is also referred as Varshi Tapa in Jainism while Hindus celebrate it as the birthday of God Parshuram who is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Akshaya Tritiya/Akha Teej Meaning:The word Akshaya in Sanskrit means that which is eternal or which never diminishes.While Tritiya means third.

Akha Teej is another name for Akshaya Tritiya.This Hindu festival falls on the third tithi of the Lunar day of Shukla Paksha of the Indian month of Vaisakha. It is considered as one of the luckiest days for new beginnings. As per the Hindu calendar,Akha Teej falling on a Rohini Nakshatra is considered even more auspicious.

This year Akshaya Tritiya will occur on Sunday, April 26, 2020 from 06:10 AM to 12:38 PM with a duration of 06 Hours 27 Mins.The Tritiya Tithi will begin on April 25, 2020 from 11:51 AM and will end on April 26, 2020.

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Akshaya Tritiya Festival Significance:Akshaya Tritiya has several religious significance associated with its celebration.As per mythological tales, this was the day when Lord Parshuram was born.While it is also said that Ved Vyasa began the recitation of the Hindu epic the Mahabharata to Lord ganesha on Akshaya Tritiya.Meanwhile some associate it with the legend of Akshaya Patra-Draupadi’s magical vessel which ensured that she and the Pandavas never went hungry.There is also a famous tale connected with Sudama’s meeting Lord Krishna on Akshaya Tritiya who amassed great fortune by his deity.It is also said to be a day when Lord Kubera acquired the title of the Lord of Wealth.

Akha Teej also has legends and mythological tales linked with it.It is believed that Akha Teej is the day when Goddess Annapurna who is considered the giver of food and nourishment, was born.While religious scriptures consider it as a holy day when during the commencement of the Treta Yug River Ganga ,the most sacred river of India,descended to Earth from heaven.

  • Akshaya Tritiya is the day to achieve wealth, power and success.
  • It brings prosperity and happiness and is considered the most auspicious period to commence or start new ventures buy property,house warming or even plan a marriage.
  • Offering White lotuses or roses appeases Goddess Lakshmi whereas worshipping Lord Kubera can help in acquiring wealth and good fortune.
  • Worshipping Lord Vishnu during the period proves beneficial as it helps to attain salvation whereas Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati are invoked for marital bliss or Saubhagya.
  • Besides, Lord Ganesha the ever eternal God of fortune is adored for knowledge and wisdom.

Akshaya Tritiya Rituals & Puja Vidhi:On this day devotees observe the year long alternative fasting day called Varshi Tapa.Besides this they follow the given rituals or Puja Vidhi to celebrate Akshaya Tritiya.

  • Devotees wake up early, bathe and start their fast.
  • They offer smear sandalwood paste to the idols of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi for financial stability.
  • Puja items such as sesame seeds,rice,gram dal,sweets and Tulsi leaves are decorated in a plate for Prasad.
  • Lord Kubera is also invoked for good fortune.
  • People recite the Vishnu Sahasranama to get divine blessings from the deity.
  • Clothes are donated to the needy and Brahmins are given special offerings.
  • A lamp of ghee is placed on the right side of the main entrance door of the house to invite prosperity and harmony in the family
  • Cows and calves are feeded with grass.

Akshaya Tritiya Mantra:Akshaya Tritiya means never ending ness in the sense of prosperity,hope,joy and success.Recite the Akshaya Tritiya Mantra to please Goddess Lakshmi:

मंत्र- ‘ॐ श्रीष शरिया नम:।।’
‘ॐ कमल वासिन्यै श्रीं श्रियै नम:।।’
‘ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं कमले कमलालये प्रसीद-प्रसीद श्रीं श्रियै नम:।।’

Invite good fortune on Akshaya Tritiya buy the Shree Yantra and worship it wholeheartedly to improve your financial status.

Please Lord Kuber and worship the Kuber Yantra to seek divine blessings from the God of Wealth.Offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati along with Lord Ganesha by worshipping the Ganesha Yantra for auspicious beginnings and special favours.

May This Akshaya Tritiya Bring You Prosperity And Joy!

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