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Valentine’s Day- Proposing traits

Valentine’s Day- Proposing traits

All of us celebrate Valentine’s Day with great enthusiasm every year on February 14th. This is the best day to express your feelings, as it is said that your beloved cannot say NO on this day. Lovers share their feelings and exchange gifts and flowers. But do you know the history attached to this festival of lovers? Let us take you to the time when it all started.

There was a priest in a church near Rome in the year 270 A.D. named St. Valentine. At that time, Rome was ruled by Emperor Claudius II. During his tenure, the economy of trade was falling badly. There were many wars due to lack of effective administration. Learning and trade declined whereas taxation increased. The Empire had almost come to an end. As it was a large Empire, more soldiers were needed to protect it from enemy nations.

Claudius thought that matrimony will bind the soldiers emotionally to their families due to which they would not be able to give their best to their work. Therefore, he banned marriage to get quality work from the soldiers.

Seeing the plight of young lovers, the Bishop- Valentine met them in a secret place and entered them into an institution called Matrimony. When Claudius came to learn about this Friend of Lovers, he ordered death sentence for Valentine.Thus, Valentine was executed on February 14, 270. It is believed that Valentine himself sent the first valentine card to his lover- a girl with whom he fell in love when he was in prison. It is not only the case with lovers in Rome but also in India. We have different examples of such lovers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their love- like Heer- Ranjha, Laila-Majnu, Shiri-Farhad etc.Love will survive in the world as long as there is any sign of life. And February 14th is the symbol of undying love. Here is a piece on this undying love written by Barry Taylor:Although our love is over, it remains

An unfrequented garden in my heart, Its beauty quite inseparable from pain, A wilderness where once was willful art. I hope a little piece of you is still Reserved for me, a place you may not go, But where my room, untenanted, can fill A moment with my music, sweet and slow. There are no wishes like a former lover’s That from the dark, repentant night must shine. And so though we have both moved on to others, I send you from afar this Valentine.

Let us now have a look at what astrology has to say about the proposing skills of all sun signs.

Arians would be the first one to propose their partners. They are so impatient and tempted that once they get positive signal from someone, they just cannot hold back their desire to propose. They will enthusiastically present their love in front of the partner.

Taureans are quickly attracted but they take enough time to think over a particular matter and then only propose. They will try to see pros and cons of a relationship before getting into it. They would love to express themselves verbally instead of sending a message or letter.

Geminians have the capacity to propose to more than one person within a given timeframe. They will express their love through a communication medium, via email or SMS. Not only this, but they may also gift a book to the loved one to express their feelings and you may find a piece of paper or a small greeting card in their books.

Most sentimental Cancerians would not be able to hide their feelings for longer time. They will express both their emotional need and attachment to the partner very quickly once they find that the moment is right. Actually, there is a fear of loosing deep within. Hence, they may not prefer to wait for longer.

Leos would not be the one to propose, generally. If at all they do, they will first of all make their partner feel that they are very special for them. While displaying their love, they will also put it across very strongly that they have never ever felt so attached to anyone before.

Virgos will plan properly before proposing. They will not take any decision in haste regarding love. They take time in analyzing the person. Once they are fully convinced, they will rehearse at home, how to propose. Once the script is ready, they will mug up the entire script and finally present it as it is while proposing.

Scales are generally quite balanced by nature but when it comes to love, they are bit more sentimental. They can propose anywhere and anytime, as they are not even afraid of anything. If in a group, they will try to express their feelings directly or indirectly in front of the person they love. Alternatively, they may take the partner to a public place and propose.

Scorpions will spend long moments of solitude before proposing. They will take a lot of time before proposing even though they have the courage to do so. They may propose in some lonesome moments, preferably at night.

Archers are much `targeted’ lovers. They will first of all try to study the person. Once they know that this is the best thing the beloved would like, they will propose in such a good way that the spouse is melted. They may take their partner for a drive and express their feelings.

Capricornians need to be sure and convinced before proposing. They will think about all positive and negative aspects of a relationship. Once they are convinced, they may take their beloved to an airy and open atmosphere for expressing their feelings very lovingly.

Water Bearers are the ones who will try to make friends with the person they love. Slowly and gradually, they try to get closer to the person’s heart. When they are convinced about the depth of their own feelings and mate’s firmness, they will send a message through a friend or even propose when the friends are around.

Pisceans may need a lot of time to decide how exactly to put their feelings across. One fine moment, probably closer to new moon or full moon day, they may suddenly ask their spouse straight away `Hey, I love you. Do you love me too?

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,