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Proposing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Proposing Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around and young lovers are getting ready for that special proposal. The most common question occupying the minds of these lovers is how to express their feelings towards their beloved. Fear of a NO is also lying deep in their hearts. Here, Ganesha will provide some tips as to how to court a particular sun sign. Ganesha hopes, this will provide some relief to the young lovers this Valentine’s Day.

Highly impulsive and aggressive Arians need to be inspired just a little bit. Ensure that you make the fellow feel as if he or she is the best. They love to listen to things like `You know you are the first one I have strongly felt for’. Response may be very quick from their end.

Spend money and some sweet words on them, target is achieved. Of course, one will have to be persistent to woo a Taurean. If you do not have habit of handling Herculean tasks, you may give up while flattering a Taurean. A gift of necklace or pendant is the right choice to shoot the Taureans’ heart.

Geminies are generally not very stable. So, it is difficult to match their mood swings. Today they may like one thing and tomorrow their choice may be entirely different. However, if you intellectually relate to them and match with their frequency, they may have soft corner for you in their mind if not heart. Gifting a book or wrist band along with Valentine’s Day card is probably the right way to touch their heart.

Make a Cancerian feel that you are a home bird. If you can help them remember the old days and make them feel nostalgic, they may feel very close and intimate to you. A Valentine Day’s card wrapped with a CD classic country or old songs may touch their heart.

At first glance, it seems difficult but as per Ganesha’s view it is simpler. Make a Leo feel like king or queen and your target is achieved. Hot and spicy dinner at royal expensive hotel may be the cost of achieving Leo’s love, but worth it. Flatter them with appreciation of their performance and creative abilities; they may let you occupy their space in their heart.

If you try to be too practical and rational in front of Virgo, they may never be yours. Being knowledgeable and competent will not serve the purpose. If you act like a duffer in front of a Virgo, they would really love it. You can give them a diary, daily organizer, informative book or CD to touch their heart. If they appreciate it, you may have some scope of winning their heart.

Librans are not always flirtatious, but their need for company makes them persistent in search of partners. On the other hand, you should be able to assure them that they are the best company for them. They should enjoy being with you, very comfortably. Spend some money on them and express your love, you may be able to melt them

Strong and passionate Scorpions are touched if they find you sexy and appealing enough. Best place to take them to is a scary movie. While watching a horror movie, shivering with fright if they suddenly hold your hand, you can propose. Response may be immediate and clear cut. It can either be a passionate reaction or strong rejection.

Even on a valentine s day if you connect to the Archer spiritually, they will feel heavenly. Of course, they will always expect the relationship and connection to be out of the world type. It may blossom very quickly, if you have touched their soul. Ensure that you allow them space and freedom. Under pressure, their spontaneous reactions may be quite different. So, you might have to give them time to confess.

It is not so easy to convince a Capricornian but if they feel you are the right one for them, you don’t need to worry. They will ensure that you also feel the same way. Caring and strong Capricornians would love to be appreciated for the strongest points of their personality. If you can prove that you are very possessive about them, they will slowly start being yours, truly and gradually.

A social cause can bring you together with an Aquarian. You should make them feel that you are a person with noble cause. They really love group activities, so do not pressurise them to sit at home and watch a movie. Instead take them out for parties and at a fine moment of solitude when they are just all alone with themselves, shoot the target. Ensure that they can intellectually connect to you.

It is easier to touch a Piscean’s heart if you can make them feel that what they do and think is right. Often confused and double minded sentimental Pisceans can be convinced only with strong emotional support from your end. Right atmosphere to propose them is where soft music plays in tender moment at candle light dinner.

So, with these tips you can make your Valentine feel that he/she means the whole world to you. Ganesha gives his best wishes to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,