Nifty Predictions, Sensex Nifty, 2010 Market Sensex for 16th September, 2010

  • Ganesha wishes Eid Mubarak, Michhami Dukdam and Shri Ganeshay Namah to one and all.
  • During this week, Ganesha asks you to observe that in the time slot between 9:30 and 15:20, Nifty may be more on the upper side just for 15 minutes; while time slot around 12:45 may show a more downward trend. However, it’s not confirmed.
  • Gradually, there may come a situation, which can create panic, foresees Ganesha.
  • From 9:05 to 10:15, initially Nifty will be flat to positive and later have a zero weightage. It will bring you at the same position you begun with. (0.00)
  • From 10:15 to 12:30, Nifty may make you do jobbing on the down side, repeatedly.
  • From 12:30 to 13:40, largecap may come handy to you.
  • From 13:40 to 15:30, overall, the period is good. But there are chances of correction around 13:55 and 14:55.



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