Market (Sensex, Nifty) predictions for 08th April, 2008

Ganesha advises you to trade on your own risk. Do not rely on others? portfolio.

Nifty is expected to maintain lower surface. You are not advised to follow any rumors, brokers? tips or your colleagues? suggestions.

From 10:10 to 10:30 Nifty may try to balance its upper surface.

From 10:30 to 11:10 you may feel seller circuit. But this phase is very small, inverse position may also occur.

From 11:10 to 11:50 Ganesha advises you to create a new position. Uptrend is foreseen during this phase.

The phase during 11:50-12:20 is small but very critical also. Do not rely on me. If you are ready for gambling, then go ahead.

From 12:20 to 13:10 Nifty may try to recover its losses.

From 13:10 to 15:00 Nifty may stretch market upwards then suddenly push downward.

From 15:00 to 15:30 Nifty is likely to bring market up.



With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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