Stock Market Predictions – 8-11-2013

You may be so ambitious this year that you may end up putting everything else on the back burner. Your personal life may get most affected by your workaholic nature as you may not pay any heed to the needs and desires of your loved ones. Ganesha strongly advises you to try and strike a balance between personal and professional life because it will be very difficult to bridge the communication gap later. Take breaks from your work at regular intervals and relax yourself. You may have to deal with matters related to partnerships, joint assets, inheritances, etc.

The year ahead can be termed as a year of new beginnings. You will become more open-minded and try to see matters from different perspectives, and in turn, may gain respect from people for your positive mindset. At times, striking a healthy between work and personal life may become difficult. But try to give proper attention to both these aspects of your life, says Ganesha. Also, make it a point to learn from your past mistakes and to be more practical. Material gains are on the cards but they shall come gradually, so be patient.

As the year will go by, you will increasingly feel that the Lady Luck is not in your favour. But if you will change your perspective a bit, you will realise that all that happens, happens for something good. Positive events will take place in your life in the areas of education, children, job and finance. However, there may be some disturbances on the family front that you need to handle very carefully. Financial front may also be somewhat shaky, predicts Ganesha. Take care of your health, too. From the looks of it, the year ahead seems to be bit challenging but if you will be practical and let your creativity and hobbies help you stay calm and focussed, you will be able to tackle them well.
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