General Predictions for the Zodiac Signs – Cancer, Leo and Virgp

Progress is definitely on the cards as Jupiter is favourably posited. Ganesha foresees you becoming more ambitious during 2014. Financial matters, such as savings and investments, and family issues will be on the centre-stage for the better part of the year. You may take some major decisions, but avoid taking them during the 1st quarter of 2014. Also, whenever you need to take a decision, make sure not to become impulsive, advises Ganesha.

Life shall change for good this year, and the fruition of your some long-cherished dreams shall add glitter to the gold. Heavy expenses are foreseen but they will be set off against a large windfall that is expected. On the domestic front, an authority figure may try to make the family members more disciplined and advise them to maintain a dignified approach to life. Some of the family members may resent this, but they, including you, will realise the positives of leading a disciplined lifestyle. If you wish to buy a house, consider buying a well-maintained, second-hand house.

You will kick start the year on a positive note as you will receive some good news on the work front. Financially, there may not be any major problems in 2014. However, expenses may shoot up post-July 2014 so you better create enough cash reserves before that. You shall now give equal importance to both personal life and professional commitments. But there are chances that things will not go as per your expectations. Ganesha advises you to see the glass half full and move on. On the family front, emotions may run high and things may suddenly take a turn for the worse. You better handle strenuous situations calmly, otherwise they will become more complicated.

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