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Shiva Meditation

Shiva is one of the three gods, and responsible for destruction of the world, according to the Hindu religion. Shiva is considered the destroyer amongst the Trimurti. However, worshipping Lord Shiva brings in a bountiful treasure of health, wealth, and happiness.

No doubt, by Chanting Om Namah Shiva, you can receive surprising benefits. This mantra will help you transform your life into a spiritual journey.

If you see closely nature has set up some rules and regulations for human beings. The spiritual journey is all about trying to break these barriers and hence, Shiva is the greatest outlaw. This is one of the special qualities why Shiva is so popular among other deities. He always appears intoxicated. And, this is the reason there are so many myths about him. Shiva is also known as a god of dance, Nataraja. He is the ultimate man but includes the feminism within him. He is very inclusive. He is friends with literally everyone and anyone. These are some of the qualities which make Shiva a very popular deity and these are the reasons why everyone feels connected to him.

According to ancient stories, around 15,000 years ago, Shiva became enlightened. He was in such a blissful state of mind, that he danced ecstatically. In this phase of ecstasy, he designed 84 lakh asanas or postures with his movements. As he was the first yogi who did yoga, he is also called  Adiyogi.

A “lingam” and “Yoni” made of stone is also worshipped as Shiva, the creator but if you closely look at the other dimensions that Shiva existed on, he is a timeless and formless spirit.

Meditating upon such intense cosmic energy or thought will not only elevate your overall existence but also electrify positivity into the atmosphere around you, so much so that people around you might start to notice and might mistakenly assume a revival of some romantic dimension of yours. This union is no short of a romance.

We would rather term it as “a romance with a lunatic, who will include you within him and take you into absolute nothingness.”

Ancient Wisdom

To learn to meditate, it takes time and a lot of able guidance. Normally when you start to meditate, you would find your mind wandering, creating a hindrance to let you meditate. Thousands of meditative masters came out with thousands of ways to employ the mind at work, so as not to let it roam around wildly, as is its nature. One of the techniques is to take the help of an external sound, which will help you focus on a specific point so your thought and emotion stop wandering around. Sound has reverberation and sound and reverberation are very important for us. It is also said that because of sound and reverberation we came into existence. As you grow meditatively, you cease to take the help of external stimuli, like sound and grow into the nothingness that is ultimate, just like Shiva. You just become meditative.

Meaning Of Shiva Meditation

The mantra “Om Namah Shivaya,” a Sanskrit mantra means “I bow to Shiva” or “I connect myself with Shiva. However, there is a deeper sense where your inner self is evolved and transcended to the higher horizon.

Benefits Of Shiva Meditation

Let us see the health benefits of Shiva Meditation.

Boosts immune system and helps in weight loss
Enhances self-confidence and treats insomnia
Makes you a better person
Reduces stress and permits a fulfilling life
Gives purpose to life and an optimistic approach
Increases mental and emotional balance
Enhances control over mind and body
Cures fear or phobia
All the pictures that we see around show Shiva to be in a deep meditative state, so in a way, Shiva symbolizes meditation. When you focus on meditative energy called Shiva, you are bound to be graced with his energies.

Steps Of Shiva Meditation

Step 1. Choose a proper quiet place
Step 2. Stretch your body in preparation for meditation
Step 3. Sit comfortably and breathe. If you cannot sit in a cross-legged position, sit in a chair with your back comfortably erect. You can also play meditative music
Step 4. Visualize Shiva, as a winner. Visualize that you are receiving the divine power of Shiva in your soul and body
Step 5. Chant the Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” understanding the meaning of it and feel the divinity

Makes You Feel Like the Happiest Person on the Planet

Do you have any idea what the best feeling in the world is? Is it because of the promotion for which you worked so hard? Is it the win over a competitor or the victory over yourself? Is it that exquisite sundae down the street? Is it a source of pride for you to see your child overcome a challenge? Yes, all of these things make you happy.

However, we can limit it to a sense of hope. The greatest feeling in the world is when you can say, “Anything is possible!” That is why the law of attraction abundance meditation is a good idea. For the joy of experiencing passion, abundance, and hope!

Time And Duration

Start with the daily practice of 108 times mantra and increase in the multiples of 108. You can achieve surprising benefits.

It could be done at any time of the day, but best to be done early in the morning.

Significance of Shiva Meditation

This meditation can also be called third eye meditation, which is essentially the mind’s eye that enables perceiving and understanding of the self and the world at a subconscious level. Shiva Meditation helps open your inner eye and other dimensions of your existence. It will destroy your idea of you and display the Shiva in you.

For those who want to dive into the spiritual process without knowing where to start, you can jump in with Shiva Meditation. Like Shiva, our existence can be looked upon as multidimensional. We are God as well as a demon, we are masculine as well as feminine, we are light as well as darkness. The question is how can I experience myself? In an effort to experience Shiva, there is a chance you would experience yourself. As like an onion, layer after layer, you get peeled off your beliefs and all that you gather knowingly or unknowingly, until your true self blazes in front of you, so Shiva first would destroy the “false you” and would give birth to “true you” that you were not aware of.

The seven sages (saptarishi) or in other words Shiva’s disciples, Kashyapa, Vasista, Kasyapa, Parasurama, Dattatreya, Atri, and Gautama, after completing their education under Shiva, with Shiva’s permission, came down to earth and passed on the mantras to the humans and captured all of those in 14 sutras with 57 letters called the “Maheswara Sutra,” which became the basis of the Sanskrit language. The basis of the entire creation such as the 14 tattvas, five elements, three modes of material nature, the four aspects of mind, intellect, fluctuation of mind, and the ego, all emerged from the sound. A mantra is nothing but a very sophisticated scientific permutation and combination of sound. The understanding of human evolution is impossible without the understanding of the effects of sound and its reverberation.

“Mananāt trāyatē iti mantrah” is the definition of the word mantra in Sanskrit.

Sustained repetition (Mananāt) of that which protects (trāyatē) from all miseries arising from bondage or cycles from birth and death is called a mantra. From time immemorial, mantras and their sonic powers have been a potent source of well-being for the entire creation. Mantras have their origin from the primordial sound OM which is the sound of creation. “Om” is made of three syllables, “aa” with mouth open, “oo” with a pout, and “umm” with lips closed. In Shiva Meditation, the practitioner would have a combination of advantages of Mantra and Meditation.

If you chant, “Om Namah Shivay” it will be called Om Namah Shivay meditation. If you chant “Shambho” it will be called Shambho meditation. If you chant “Har Har Mahadev, it will be considered Mahadeva meditation. If you focus on the third eye and meditate on Shiva, it can be considered Shiva third eye meditation. If you chant the shiva-shakti mantra with an intention of the union of feminine and masculine energies, it might be called Shiva Shakti Meditation.

Variants of Lord Shiva Meditation

Lord shiva Medication can also be known as shiv meditation or shiv ji meditation, shiva shakti meditation.

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