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Significance of Sun-Saturn combination in the first house of the horoscope

कुंडली के प्रथम भाव में सूर्य-शनि संयोजन की महत्ता
The Sun-Saturn conjunction is considered one of the most dreaded conjunctions according to Vedic astrologers. Because Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies of each other. In general, this combination is considered bad for the natives. Sun is the king of the planets. It represents our soul. It gives us respect, recognition, power and authority. On the other hand, Shani is a symbol of discipline, hard work, and structural construction. Now since these two planets are enemies with each other, they tend to dominate each other’s good effects, and in this competition Sun suffers more than Saturn. Thus, people who have Sun-Saturn conjunction in the first house of their horoscope may face problems in their career. They may face strained relations with their father or son. Apart from this, the native may be less confident. Because Sun is full of fire, and Saturn is cool and humid, it is a very unusual combination, which causes more of the demerits and less of the virtues.

Areas affected due to Sun-Saturn conjunction in 1st house

professional performance
relationships and relationships
Educational Qualifications
outlook on life

Positive symptoms/effects

Sun-Saturn combination in the first house of the horoscope can bring success in life despite delay. It enables the individual to grow, and such natives are self-made individuals. They are well matured and alert towards answering obligations. Sun-Saturn conjunction natives may have many enemies, but they are popular among the public. Such natives can be spiritually inclined, and also religious. It is said that they have to pass the test of Karma, if they are able to do that, then they can do well in life too. Will you also be able to do something good in the year 2023? Get to know your personal horoscope 2023!

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The natives having Sun-Saturn combination in the first house of the horoscope are good in the subjects of chemistry and metallurgy. They can also do well in some branches of engineering. The combined influence of Sun and Saturn enables them to do well in certain academics and professions.

Negative symptoms/effects

Shani is the son of Sun. There is a very uneasy relationship between the two planets. It is quite unusual for a father and son to have such a hostile relationship. But this is absolutely true in the case of Sun and Saturn. It is believed that in such a planetary combination, either the father or the son is capable of progressing in the same life. When one of them progresses, the other suffers. If the father progresses, the son remains unhappy, and if the son progresses, the father remains in distress. Which leads to conflict. The same happens in other areas of life due to Sun-Saturn conjunction as per Vedic astrology. But with the help of astrology we can get solution of every problem of life. So get your horoscope today and get rid of the problems.

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This combination of Sun and Saturn can negatively affect marital relations and conjugal happiness in one’s life. The reason for which is the complete separation of the energy configuration of these two planets. On the one hand is the Sun, the center of the human universe, a force that gives life, and sustains life, a malevolent planet symbolizing life force. On the other side is Saturn, the feminine planet, which gives sorrow and pain. If Sun is afflicted in a Sun-Saturn conjunction, the Sun will make the native indecisive with low self-esteem and low vitality. Due to which a person can become depressed and tense, and his mind can become fearful and confused.


Thus, we can see how important this Sun-Saturn conjunction can be in the first house of a horoscope. Since these two planets (Sun and Saturn) are in opposition to each other, it can create formidable problems and difficulties in life. However, this does not mean that it is the end of life. In every challenge, there is hidden an opportunity. That’s why Sun-Saturn is also in conjunction.

Because the difficulties we face in life teach us, and if approached in the right way, they propel us forward.

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