Sun in the twelfth house of the horoscope

Sun in the twelfth house of the horoscope

Vedic astrology begins with the first house of a horoscope and ends with the twelfth house. According to Vedic astrology, where the first house represents the beginning and birth, the 12th house completes the life cycle and represents the end. The twelfth house is the factor of solitude and liberation. It is also a sense of separation. Hence when Sun is placed in the twelfth house in a native’s horoscope, he is likely to be more thoughtful, and have a stronger connection with the deeper realms of consciousness. There is also a possibility of spiritual inclination in his mind.

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Areas affected due to Sun in 12th house

  • social image
  • child related issues
  • attitude towards work
  • attitude towards people
  • conscious and unconscious mind

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Positive symptoms/effects

The natives of Sun in 12th house are strongly spiritual. It is said that they keep working on their karma continuously. They knowingly or unknowingly get back the character they had acquired from the past lives. It is also seen that they are more considerate towards persons suffering from mental illnesses and other unfortunate sufferers who are facing the consequences of bad deeds that they have done in previous lives. Sun in the twelfth house can promote a lonely character. Chances are such individuals are disciplined, and follow their rules and regulations very strictly. These can be either socio-religious rules or some personal behavior developed and created by a person himself. The natives of the presence of Sun in the twelfth house feel good only in one situation when the work done by them is appreciated by the higher authorities.

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Negative symptoms/effects

By the way, the natives of Sun in the twelfth house of the horoscope are likely to be cynical and self-centred. Moreover, they are often torn between two conflicting desires. One type of thought wants to take them away from worldliness, while the other type of thought can nullify the feeling of renunciation by tying them in attachment towards home-family, society-relatives etc. This internal isolation can bother them. But as per the position of Sun in 12th house in Vedic Astrology they are unlikely to take the radical step of renouncing the world. If Sun gets afflicted in 12th house, it can lead to jail term, hospitalisation, sleep deprivation. Difficult situations can lead to lack, separation, addictions, doubt, mistrust, inferiority complex and loss of near and dear ones. Get your personalized Janampatri today and know your favorable time in life.

It Apart from this, the native may face problems in matters of progeny (giving birth to children) when the Sun is placed in the twelfth house of the horoscope. The couple may remain childless for a few years after marriage. Giving birth to children can also be very difficult for them. Despite conducting various religious rituals and resorting to medical treatment, they may find it difficult to establish paternity. However, success can eventually be found after several years of persistent effort. Also, they may face problems with their father, and have a strained relationship with him. They should keep trying their level best to maintain harmony with their father.


It is not an easy matter to have the Sun present in the twelfth house instead of the position of the Sun in other houses of the horoscope. Since such natives are in the depths of mind and consciousness, they are therefore dealing with the most complex reality of existence. However, it can also provide them a golden opportunity to raise their spiritual level and do miraculous things for themselves and the society.

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