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Gajakesari Yoga – Everything You Need To Know About

Gajakesari Yoga Meaning

Have you ever heard that two people have the same qualifications and abilities, but only one succeeds in life? The other person just couldn’t touch the skies of success much. This is how Gajakesari yoga works in one’s life. As per Vedic Astrology, Gajakesari yoga is considered as one of the most auspicious and significant yoga in one’s life. How great is that, isn’t it?

Jupiter and the Moon are considered as the best friends in Vedic astrology just as Jay and Veeru from the film ‘Sholay’. Gajakesari yoga occurs between the Moon and Jupiter. This yoga is found in one natal’s chart when Jupiter is in Kendra, I.e. Ascendant or 1st, 4th, 7th, & 10th house from the placement of planet Moon.

Gaja= Elephant. It signifies great intelligence and knowledge.

Kesari= Lion. It signifies immeasurable power and strength.

Both are powerful, dominating, and captivating animals.

Gajakesari Yoga is quite a common Yoga. We know many of you would be surprised to know this but it is the reality. Want to hear something good? A quality Gajakesari Yoga is something tremendously special. Understand the difference, not all Gajakesari Yoga are the same. It depends on the quality as well.

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Now let us know some major effects of this Yoga.

Major Effects of Gajakesari Yoga

  • Those who have this yoga in their kundli are the ones who lead an anti-worry, happy, and successful life. Things might take little extra time, but chances to lead a luxurious life are totally high.
    • If you have Gajakesari Yoga in your respective Kundli, you will be strong and courageous.
    • Gajakesari Yoga enables leadership quality in you. If you have this yoga, you will be a great leader who will motivate everyone with motivational speeches and wisdom.
    • Fame and fortune tend to be with you.
    • From owning a luxurious house to having a good car, these things will also be benefitted to you.

Gajakesari Yoga Benefits

  • Sound Financial Status
  • Reputed Image in Society
  • Good Communication Skills
  • High Wisdom
  • Visionary, Leader, Powerful, Courageous

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Is Gajakesari Yoga Common?

The probability of having Gajakesari Yoga from Lagna or Chandra is 4/12 each. Hence, one out of three people will have this famous and impactful Yoga. In order to have good results, you need to have Jupiter in the Kendra and that too in Lagna from the position of Moon, this is what the simple condition of Gajakesari yoga is.

If there is a strong existence of Jupiter and Moon together in your kundli, Congratulations on having one of the most auspicious yoga. Jupiter, king of planets, gives prosperity without any expectations. The presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius, Cancer, or Pisces and the 5th lord position in the 10th house indicates that the native will become rich. Sounds good, isn’t it?

With properly placed Jupiter, people will shine in their whole life. These respective natives will always be peaceful, helping nature, and possess wisdom and prosperity. Strong and powerful Jupiter makes people attracted towards Astronomy, Consultancy, Administration, Management, Religion, Law, and Politics.Don’t get confused, a weak Gajakesari Yoga cannot bring much benefit to the individual. It is the placement of Jupiter and Moon that is what counts the most. Either they are exalted or in a friendly sign and not in a debilitated position, signifies a strong Gaja Kesari yoga.

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What Is The Ideal Time Period For Gajakesari Yoga?

This yoga gets stronger and gives favourable results as you undertake more and more responsibilities efficiently. Even if you don’t have Gajakesari Yoga in your kundali, no need to worry much, go out to work and lead a dignified life by helping others and doing good causes for the society and have strong faith in the Almighty. Work hard and have belief in yourself as well, the good fortune will keep on following you.

Why Do People Complaint that Gajakesari Yoga is not Working In Their Life?

As mentioned earlier, Jupiter and Moon must be placed first, fourth, seventh or tenth place from the placement of Moon yet at right sign, right degree, and right aspect. Without it, this Yoga loses a significant amount of power that it possesses. One more thing is to have faith in yourself and do put your efforts in order to let Gajakesari work for you. You can’t just keep on complaining while doing nothing in life except having leisure time in your room. You ought to give your efforts!

One needs to understand that the Kendra house is filled with good stars without any enemies. Is your Moon reflected by Rahu or Ketu? Because, if the Moon is reflected by Rahu or Ketu, then it may form an eclipse with the Sun. This means that the Moon is Powerless till the Age of 28. Remember, the most powerful Gajakesari occurs in Kendra house. This Gajakesari Yoga can give you a BMW car or other luxuries, but the other might just give you lesser benefits. It’s very important to know where the planets are being placed, where the signs are being assigned.In order to have good results, You need to have Jupiter Kendra from the Moon and Lagna is what the simple condition of Gajakesari yoga.

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Amitabh Bachan’s Connection with Gajakesari Yoga

Rishten Meto Ham Inke Khaas Lagte hai, naam hai Gajakesari Yoga….

A living legend and the Big B of Bollywood, Amitabh Bacchan, ruling the Bollywood Industry from 50+ years. He has Gajakesari Yoga. His Jupiter is in the sixth house exalted while his Moon is in the ninth house in the sign of Libra. Soft Sign! Whatever he is today, the credit can’t be given just to Gajakesari Yoga because the Gajakesari Yoga was present in Amitabh Bachchan Kundli even when he wasn’t famous as Big B and struggling to make a mark in his career. Sounds Surprising! This was our own reaction when we came to know about this through proper research and study.

Until 27 years of age, hardly people knew about Amitabh Bacchan. He struggled till the age of 27, and after that he got a chance to act in a film called ‘Saat Hindustani’ directed by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas and then ‘Anand’ with Rajesh Khanna, ‘Parwana’ and so on. Rest is the History! Therefore, the planet and house placements and conjunctions are very significant and impactful.

Gajakesari Yoga According To Ascendant

  1. Gajakesari Yoga According to Aries Ascendant: If Aries is in the Ascendant in the birth chart, then the conjunction of Moon and Jupiter is super beneficial. If they form a conjunction in the second house, fourth house, or fifth house, they will surely give good and impactful results. If the Gajakesari yoga in Aries is unafflicted, then it will be full of good qualities,i.e., health, peace, status, wealth, and a good life for the mother. But as not every time the bed is full of roses, if Gajakesari is afflicted, then domestic peace is hardly possible and mother health can suffer too.
  2. Gajakesari Yoga According to Taurus Ascendant: This famous yoga will give favourable or auspicious results if the Moon is exalted in the ascendant and it is the lord of the eighth house. The auspicious will also increase because of the formation of Rajyoga in the birth chart. Here, afflicting Gajakesari Yoga over Jupiter and Moon will lead to serious problems in life. Basically, Moon rules over the third house, and Jupiter rules over the eighth house, Gajakesari Yoga formed, without even counters won’t really bless them with goods effects associated with it respectively.
  3. Gajakesari Yoga According to Gemini Ascendant: To all Gemini people out there, you will get auspicious results, if Gemini is the Ascendant of the birth chart of Jupiter. Here, unafflicted Yoga will lead to good financial gains with good business opportunities as well. Be safe with health issues.
  4. Gajakesari Yoga According to Cancer Ascendant: Here, Jupiter is the lord of the sixth and ninth house. The person will get super beneficial results if Gajakesari yoga is unafflicted. If it’s afflicted, it can easily have low energy, certain health issues, and sometimes financial debt too. Also, one thing to remember, if Jupiter is weak here, the qualities of the 6th house will be more pronounced, and it can result in health problems. Though there will be some good effects too due to Jupiter lordship over the 9th house.
  5. Gajakesari Yoga According to Leo Ascendant: In this ascendant, Moon is the lord of the 12th House, and hence it is not auspicious. What can be worse? No need to worry, some good things are waiting for you. Unafflicted Gajakesari Yoga can give a good life in foreign countries & too much travelling for good causes. So why waiting? Pack your bags up and travel the world! But wait if it’s afflicted, it can lead to problems for children and their education.
  6. Gaj Kesari Yoga According to Virgo Ascendant: The Kendradhipati dosha can be cancelled if Jupiter is located in its own sign. If Gajakesari yoga is unafflicted, then good results in financial gains, and specifically, happiness to an elder brother can be seen, some minor health issues might also occur. So, be aware! If it is afflicted, obstacles with the house, friends & disturbed married life can also take place.
  7. Gajakesari Yoga According to Libra Ascendant: Saying this clearly, don’t expect much favourable results here. Sometimes, if Jupiter is located in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, the Hamsa Yoga Can be seen in the birth chart, which can lead to auspicious results. In afflicted Gajakesari Yoga, it can result in loss of the reputation, health problems, and other problems from authority.
  8. Gajakesari Yoga According to Scorpio Ascendant: Interestingly, clean Gajakesari Yoga can do many wonders if Jupiter is equivalent to Yogakaraka, whereas the Moon is 9th Lord. If this yoga is afflicted, problems can be seen with father and son. But in case it’s not, then auspicious results can be witnessed.
  9. Gajakesari Yoga According to Scorpio Ascendant: Do you know, which is the most inauspicious house in astrology? Here, the Moon is the Lord of the most 8th house. This is what we were talking about. Jupiter is ascendant and 4th house lord. If the yoga is afflicted, then it will lead to loss of property, health issues to mother, lack of peace, and some other health issues. But wait, no need to worry. If it’s unafflicted, then it will directly result in Financial gain.
  10. Gajakesari Yoga According to Capricorn Ascendant: Here, Gajakesari yoga might give you average results. Not too good, not too bad. Jupiter rules over 3rd and 12th house, while the Moon rules 7th house, and hence Jupiter is an unfavourable planet for Capricorn ascendant. Now, unafflicted yoga will result in travelling for some good cause, business in foreign countries and the spouse’s health can suffer. If afflicted, problems with younger siblings can be seen.
  11. Gajakesari Yoga According to Aquaris Ascendant: Gajakesari also offers some average results here, too, if Moon is the lord of the sixth auspicious house.
  12. Gajakesari Yoga According to Pisces Ascendant: The person will surely get good results if Jupiter is the lord of this Ascendant and the tenth house while the Moon is the Lord of Fifth house.


Simply because you have Gajakesari or any Yoga in your Kundli, does not mean you are relaxing and playing games on the Internet all day. Astrology, Yoga will only give you a great push through different manners if you take actions. Once you start taking actions, whatever points mentioned above about Gaja Kesari, things will definitely change and turn to be in your favour if your Kundli is having an auspicious Gajakesari Yoga.

To know more about Gajakesari Yoga and other such beneficial Yoga that would make a great impact in your life, Talk To An Astrologer Now!