Conjunction of Moon and Saturn in the First House/Ascendant: Vedic Astrology

Conjunction of Moon and Saturn in the First House/Ascendant: Vedic Astrology

The conjunction of Moon and Saturn is not considered auspicious. They don’t match because they are with each other. And they have enough points to be against each other. While the Moon is a female auspicious planet, being watery, Saturn is an airy gender-neutral malefic planet. The Moon is a super-fast planet while Saturn is the slowest moving celestial body in the astrological planetary system. That’s why both the planets are colliding with each other. And when planets fight among themselves, they usually try to reduce each other’s powers. Also, this movement is not always unfavorable. Well, the conjunction of Moon and Saturn in the first house indicates that the person is quite honest, hardworking and likes justice in his environment. However, it also reflects a serious outlook towards life, which can turn into a negative mindset if the situation becomes somewhat unfavourable.

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Areas Affected due to Moon-Saturn Conjunction in the First House:

  • professional qualification
  • Value system
  • Relationships and bonds
  • Mood swings

Positive Characteristics/Effects:

People who have Saturn and Moon in the same house are likely to be very ambitious, and they will walk the path to success through their own efforts. These natives will be very righteous in their outlook; They will die against injustice and will always try to strengthen fairness and promote the spirit of fair play.

They want to establish the righteousness they believe in in the world also. They expect the same moral standards from others, which may not always be the case. Still, they will find a group of like-minded people who will remain committed to them. People with Moon conjunct Saturn in the first house will be popular among their friends and well-wishers.

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Negative Symptoms/Effects:

People with the conjunction of Saturn and Moon in the first house may have less social and interpersonal contacts during their childhood. Thus, they may become depressed. The native may also become a victim of depression. They may not be able to enjoy pleasurable things and may start crying over small things.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction in the first house can make the person quite pessimistic and apathetic in certain situations, which can affect their positivity and satisfaction. They should try to remain optimistic as much as possible. The natives may even be inclined towards vices like drugs, alcohol, smoking etc. Also, as per Saturn Moon conjunction Vedic astrology, the person may face problems in areas like marriage, children and relations with his mother.

Well, the conjunction of Moon and Saturn leads to a different kind of life. It is also considered a restrictive combination as it makes the native emotionally tied to the memories of the past, especially materialistic things.

People with Moon-Saturn conjunction in the first house are advised to come out of emotional bondage and undue attachment to the past. They need to enhance their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses. They should try to practice self-control. They should remain engaged in constructive goals and objectives.


The conjunction of Moon and Saturn in the first house can create problems for the natives. The two planets fight each other, and each tries to diminish the other’s good points, leading to complicated situations and incidents. The native is likely to be depressed and pessimistic. Also, the natives may be extremely attached to the past, which can make them very thoughtful and introspective.

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