Leo Career Horoscope 2024

Leo Career Horoscope  2024

Leo Career and Business Horoscope 2024

At the beginning of this month, the impact of shadow planets does not foretell a good time for professionals. Saturn may also lead to delays in the execution of your ongoing projects. However, the combined impact of Jupiter and Venus indicates a delightful phase for professional growth from around the middle of January. If you are doing business, some impulsive actions or decisions might bring problems.

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Shining Through Saturn's Obstacles: Career Success for Leos in 2024

The investment decisions have to be made by careful analysis, though. The movement of the South Node will not be so favourable for you around the month of February. Increments or promotions are hard to come. Mercury may, however, bring constructive changes on your professional front around the middle of February. If you are doing business, this can be a perfect time for expansion. Saturn will require you to toil harder for success in your career.

Mars indicates the period around the middle of March will be highly productive for career progress. If you are in business, it will remain good for completing previously started projects. Jupiter will make you able to strengthen your position around the month of April. The period till June may bring some good growth opportunities amid problems created by Saturn.

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Unveiling the Promising Career Opportunities: LEO Career Horoscope 2024

North Node could cause some problems in the workplace around June. If you are in business, you must work harder to achieve your objectives. From around the middle of July, you may try to break the shackles, as you will have ample support from Mars. There can be several visible opportunities to grab if you are doing business. You may keep yourself prepared as the impact of North Node may bring some sudden changes at your workplace around August.

Some matters shall look uncertain till mid-September. Saturn will give you the fruits and benefits of your hard work after some delays and obstacles. Overall, planetary positions seem to be aligned in your favour as the month of October begins. You will have luck by your side if you are doing business. Jupiter will bring an opportunity to enhance your overall turnover. Saturn will make your working conditions a bit challenging but future growth prospects will keep you preoccupied. Jupiter will bring a sense of passivity around the year-end on the career front.

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