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Gemini Education Horoscope 2024

As the year begins, you will have good planetary support in matters related to your studies even if you are preparing for any competitive exams. If you are willing to put in extra efforts, you will be fully supported by Jupiter in your studies. The period around the month of February will be also a time to take as much as advantage of favorable planetary influence of Mercury in your studies. But Mars may make you a little overconfident or reckless hence your results may not be up to the mark in your studies.

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Persistence is required in Study Plan: Gemini Education Horoscope 2024

Planets will gradually direct you on the path of success in your studies as the year advances. Mercury will give you chance to go out and interact with experts and that will also make you able to expand your skillset. You may gain positive remarks for your performance in your studies around the month of April.

The stars will force you to leave an easy going approach to witness better results in your studies. The initial phase of June could turn out to be a little tedious for your studies and you could lose your focus and patience. Mercury may gradually bring many opportunities that will help you get beneficial results in your studies though. If you are desirous of pursuing higher education abroad, you could find your wish fulfilled around the month of July.

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Use your Time Efficiently suggests Gemini Education Horoscope 2024

You may however have to keep in mind that due to the impact of North Node, some negative thoughts or a wayward approach may interfere in your studies. The period around the month of August may bring some good opportunities in your studies to go ahead with any new projects. But you may feel somewhat insecure or impatient with regard to some critical projects in your studies.

Gradually, your confidence in your studies will rise and it will make you do many things that you were not capable of doing before. You will do well in your studies during the last quarter of the year and you may emerge top of your class as you will do well in your examinations. However, it will be necessary for you to keep away from bad company to avoid unnecessary issues in your studies.

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