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Labh Pancham Date, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat Timings, & More

Labh Pancham Date, Puja Vidhi, Muhurat Timings, & More

Labh Pancham Meaning

Labh Pancham or Labh Panchami is celebrated on the Panchami tithi of the Hindu calendar in the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month.  Labh means ‘Benefit’ or ‘Good luck’, and Pancham means ’Fifth’.

Labh Pancham is also known as ‘Laakheni Panchmi’, ‘Gyan Panchmi’, and ‘Saubhaagya Panchmi’. Labh Pancham usually falls one week after Kali Chaudas and five days after Diwali.

Before we understand the significance of the Labh Panchmi festival, let us find out on what day Labh Pancham falls in 2024 and what are the auspicious Muhurats.

Labh Pancham Muhurat Time

Labh Pancham Date for 2024: Wednesday, November 6, 2024

Labh Pancham Muhurat 2024: 06:12 AM to 10:08 AM

Panchami Tithi Begins: 12:16 AM on Nov 06, 2024
Panchami Tithi Ends: 12:41 AM on Nov 07, 2024

Labh Pancham Choghadiya

Here are some auspicious Labh Pancham Choghadiya for you.

Choghadiya For Day

Sunrise: 06:19 AM

  • Labha: 06:19 AM to 07:44 AM
  • Amrita: 07:44 AM to 09:08 AM
  • Shubha: 10:33 AM to 11:57 AM

Choghadiya For Night

Sunset: 05:35 PM

  • Labha: 03:09 AM to 04:44 AM, Nov 07
  • Shubha: 07:11 PM to 08:46 PM
  • Amrita: 08:46 PM to 10:22 PM

Remember that these are times for New Delhi, India, and the Choghadiya can change depending on the sunrise and sunset, depending on your location. You can get a better understanding of auspicious Muhurats for Labh Pancham over a call with our Experienced Astrologers.

Labh Pancham Puja Vidhi

How do you perform a Labh Panchami Puja Vidhi? Here is the step-by-step guide for you.

  • For a Pratah Kaal Labh Pancham Puja, you should wake up and take a bath. Jalabhishek should be offered to the Sun.
  • Then, in an auspicious Choghadiya muhurat, Take the idols of Lords Ganesha and Shiva.
  • Pick a betel nut (Supari) and wrap the sacred thread around it. Put that in the bed of rice grains. If possible, Lord Ganesha’s idol should be placed on that.
  • Sandalwood (Chandan), Vermilion (sindoor), flowers, and Durva should be offered to Lord Ganesha. For Lord Shiva, there should be Bhasma, Bilva Patra, Flowers of Dhatura (Moonflower), and white clothes.
  • Lord Ganesha should be offered Modakas, and Lord Shiva should be offered offerings made of milk.
  • The Labh Pancham Mantra for Lord Shiva and Ganesha should be chanted.

Labh Pancham Mantra for Lord Ganesha:
लम्बोदरं महाकायं गजवक्त्रं चतुर्भुजम्। आवाहयाम्यहं देवं गणेशं सिद्धिदायकम्।।

Labh Pancham Mantra for Lord Shiva:
त्रिनेत्राय नमस्तुभ्यं उमादेहार्धधारिणे। त्रिशूलधारिणे तुभ्यं भूतानां पतये नम:।।

  • After chanting the Mantra, you can light the incense and lamps for Aarti. You can sing Aarti for both the deities.
  • Draw a Swastika on both sides of your doorway. Once Labh Panchami Puja is done, offer the Prasad to everyone.

Now that you know the Puja Vidhi, you can move on to how the day is celebrated by people. Here is the significance of Labh Pancham:

Significance of Labh Pancham

It is the final day of Diwali and a day when the shops and businesses that were closed on account of Diwali Celebrations, are reopened. It is also considered to be an auspicious day to initiate any new ventures and businesses.

Devotees also offer prayers to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi and open their books of account on the auspicious day of Labh Pancham. You, too, can worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi with Lakshmi Ganesha Yantra to bring wisdom and prosperity to your life.

Jains celebrate Labh Pancham by worshipping their books and praying for knowledge with a variety of offerings, sweets, and fruits. Saraswati Puja is also performed by many who failed to do so on the day of Diwali.

From the day of Diwali to Labh Pancham, it is a tradition to visit your friends and relatives. It is also a time to renew good relations amongst them all. Sweets and other gifts are exchanged on Labh Pancham, which symbolises the sweetening of relationships with each other.

Subh Labh Panchami to All!

Whether it is about reopening businesses, an excuse to meet your friends and relatives again, or about worshipping your books, Labh Pancham is an auspicious day indeed. Here is to wishing everyone a great year ahead with everything ‘Labh’ coming your way, Subh Labh Panchami!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,

The GaneshaSpeaks.com Team

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