Let’s Celebrate Kurma Jayanti and gain Lord Vishnu’s Blessings

26 May 2021

Being rich in its traditions and heritage, India celebrates an immensely important festival, Kurma Jayanti, well-known among Hindus. On this auspicious day, Lord Vishnu in his Kurma Avatar i.e. his 2nd incarnation is worshipped. People across the country treat this festival as a symbol of life and observe it with full fervour. Several rituals and puja vidhis are conducted in the temples of Lord Vishnu to gain blessings of prosperity and a long life.

Kurma Jayanti 2021 Date and Tithi

As per the Hindu Calendar, Koorma Jayanti takes place during the Vaishakh month on the Purnima (Full Moon day). The date and tithi timings of Kurma Jayanti 2021 are as below:

Kurma Jayanti: 26th of May, 2021, Wednesday
Kurma Jayanti Muhurat: 4:26 PM - 4:43 PM
Purnima Tithi Starts: 25th of May, 2021, 8:29 PM 
Purnima Tithi Ends: 26th of May, 2021,  4:43 PM

Significance Of Kurma Jayanti 

People celebrate Kurma Jayanti as the day when Lord Vishnu was born in the form of a tortoise ‘Kurma’. According to the Hindu legends, it is said that on this particular day, Lord Vishnu had lifted the ‘Mandaranchal Parvat’ (mountain) on his back. He did this by taking birth as the Avatar of ‘Kurma’ when the ‘Ksheera Sagara Manthan’ was taking place. Since then, Kurma Jayanti is observed as the birthday of Lord Kurma. This second incarnation of Lord Vishnu is worshipped by the Hindus with utmost devotion and glory. 

Kurma Jayanti Story

As per the Hindu Mythology, during the ‘Khseera Samudra Manthan’, the ‘Mandaranchal Parvat’ was used as the stick and Nagaraja Vasuki was taken as the cord to churn the ocean. Lord Vishnu summoned the Devas along with Asuras to begin the process of churning the ocean for drawing out the nectar of immortality. But the mountain started sinking, therefore Lord Vishnu appeared as a big tortoise and carried it on his back.  

If the Kurma Avatar had not been there, the process of churning would have failed and the Gods would not have received the 14 divine gifts. In addition to this, the churning of the ocean also pulled out a poison named ‘Halahala’ that was consumed by Lord Shiva to save the Universe from calamity and destruction. From that time, Kurma Jayanti holds immense significance among Hindus and people express gratitude towards the eminence of Lord Vishnu.

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Rituals For Kurma Jayanti 

  • Take a sacred bath before sunrise.
  • Wear fresh and tidy clothes or Puja vastra known as worship clothing.
  • Offer prayers by worshipping Lord Vishnu with offerings like burning incense, Tulsi leaves, Chandan, Kumkum, flowers and sweets.
  • Observing a fast on this day is believed to be greatly favourable. Hence, many devotees conduct silent fasting or a stern Kurma Jayanti vow.
  • During fast, consuming pulses or cereals is not allowed, and only milk products along with fruits can be taken.
  • Complete austerity should be maintained and the observers are abstained from doing any kind of sinful acts or speaking lies.
  • During the night, conduct a Jaagran and spend the entire night chanting Mantras to appease Lord Vishnu.
  • Reciting the famous ‘Vishnu Sahasranam’ is considered very auspicious.
  • Perform the aarti after all the rituals are completed.
  • You can do charity or donations on the day of Kurma Jayanti as this brings great rewards. You can donate anything including food, clothes, or money to the needy or Brahmins. 

Wapping Up

Lord Vishnu bestows everyone who worships him on this auspicious occasion with stability in life and success. One’s sins can be eliminated and they can attain good health, abundance, and happiness in life. You may also be empowered for overcoming competition or rivalry. Happy Kurma Jayanti to all. 

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