Know About Anant Chaturdashi Or Ganesha Visarjan Vidhi

1 Sep 2020

Anant Chaturdashi 

Indeed, India is a land of diversity and immense cultural richness. And this is expressed in the myriads of festivals that are celebrated here. One of the prominent festivals celebrated with much fanfare in India is Anant Chaturthi, the festival which marks the end of the 10-days long Ganesha Festival. Well, Ganesha Chaturthi – the festival which celebrates the greatness of the harbinger of all things good – Lord Ganesha, is now on the verge of completion. This year, the grand occasion of Anant Chaturdashi falls on September 1, 2020, Tuesday. The process of the Ganesh Visarjan or bidding adieu to the great Lord is done with as much fanfare and spirit, as the Ganesha Pooja is done. But yes, there is one thing in common – almost everyone's heart is a bit heavy on this day, as there is a nostalgic and emotional feeling about the elephant God going away from us. We at hope that you enjoyed the vibrant festival of Ganesh Chaturthi with your friends and family. In this article, we present some information about the Ganesh Visarjan process and also about Anant Chaturdashi significance. 

Anant Chaturdashi Date:

The last day of the Ganesha Festival – Anant Chaturdashi 2020, the 10th Day – September 1, 2020. 

Is there any specific date and time for Ganesh Visarjan?

There are no strict rules; usually, the Ganesh Visarjan ceremony depends on the family tradition. Symbolically, Lord Ganesha comes home on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi and it is up to us to decide when we want to give Lord Ganesha the farewell. But, it is considered best to immerse the idol before the Sunset.

You can also chant this prayer during the Ganesh Visarjan:

Ganesh Visarjan Mantras:

“Mushikavaahana modaka hastha

Chaamara karna vilambitha sutra

Vaamana rupa maheshwara putra

Vighna vinaayaka paada namasthe”


“O Lord! the son of Lord Shiva and the Destroyer of all obstacles with mouse as Thy vehicle, with sweet pudding in hand, with wide ears and long hanging trunk, I prostrate at Thy lotus-like Feet!”

How should you Perform Ganesh Visarjan Procedure?

  • Perform Aarti before Ganesha Visarjan. Be present with all the family members. The traditional Ganesh Mantras and the Aarti prayers should be chanted.
  • Start the Ganesh Visarjan day with Morning Aarti.
  • Sing the “Jai Ganesh Deva” chants while performing Aartis
  • Distribute holy Prasad among all the family members.
  • Offer five items – Oil lamps, Flowers, Incense, Fragrance and well-prepared delicacies to Lord Ganpati.
  • When it is time for Ganesh Visarjan, the family members should gather once again to perform Aarti before leaving the house.
  • Five minutes prior to leaving the house, move the idol very slowly and slightly, about 1 inch forward. In short, you have to change the position of the idol a bit, which marks the completion of the Lord's stay at your place. It is important to take Him for Visarjan with all family members.
  • Be grateful to Lord Ganesha for visiting your home and convey your heart's message to the Lord. Thank him for bringing prosperity and auspiciousness to your home. Thank him for taking away all difficulties with him. Gratitude is what matters the most to the Lord.
  • Sprinkle raw rice mixed with turmeric (Akshat) upon the lord. Spoonfeed curd to Ganesha as a remembrance.
  • Take a red cloth, keep dry coconut stuffed with jaggery and 5 different grains (including rice). Tie it in a knot around Ganesha’s hand. This is the food prepared for His journey.
  • Take some water and sprinkle it on the person performing the Ganesh Visarjan.
  • Pick up the Ganesh idol and take Him around the House, mainly the master bedrooms and the kitchen so that His Holy Gaze and Blessings fall on the full house.
  • Chant “Ganapati Bappa Moriya” and other Ganesha shlokas.
  • Walk out of home and move towards the immersion point.
  • Take a Coconut and circle on the head of the Idol three times and break the coconut on the ground and leave it aside. .
  • Don’t take this as a prasad rather immerse it with the idol.
  • Once done, family members can proceed to the Ganesh Visarjan area, where once again the Aartis should be performed before finally letting Him go.
  • The person performing the Ganesh Visarjan should remove all garlands and other decorations on the Ganesha idol.
  • Do not throw the removed garlands and decorations in the river. You can dispose or donate them at the appropriate place.
  • Now, immerse the idol of Lord Ganesha.

His Blessings will remain with you and your family and He will take away all pains and problems and bless you with Peace, Prosperity and Health.

What you should immerse and what you should take back with you after the Ganesh Visarjan?

Immerse the following things:

  • The Main Idol
  • The Kalash
  • The water in the kalash
  • The contents

What If you Wish to Bring Ganpati Home Next Year?

Take back the following things:

      • Sand near the immersion site.
      • The new coconut.

Ganesha wishes you a very prosperous and vibrant Ganesha Chaturthi!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The Team

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