Snake-Rooster Compatibility

Snake Husband and Rooster Wife

These are two intelligent, scheming and performance-oriented signs and will prefer power and hard cash in the kitty to romance in poverty. She is a competent housekeeper, while he is the brain behind their financial dealings. They will share their materialistic dreams of power and prestige. The Snake is mature enough to tolerate the Rooster’s erratic ways. She is happy that he lets her run his life partially. Both will be productive, and they will share a strong intellectual and spiritual relationship.

Rooster Husband and Snake Wife

This union will be an affluent one. The cheerful and fearless Rooster will liven up the Snake wife’s serious view of life as well as boost her spirits. Both are brainy but in their peculiar separate ways. She is calm, introspective and calculated; he is overenthusiastic and has indomitable optimism. The combination offers each of them a chance to counteract the other’s weaknesses and balance the relationship.



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