Snake-Horse Compatibility

Snake Husband and Horse Wife

They have diametrically opposite approaches to life. He is careful, clinging and has a strong will-power; she is daring and impetuous. The Snake finds her reckless and hard to keep pace with; while the Horse detests his studiousness and eye for detail. This union will not be a satisfactory one for either one of them.

Horse Husband and Snake Wife

This is not an advisable union though both are mentally active and pragmatic. However, he is very mercurial and needs independence and varied things to do, and she is wont to resist change and does not approve of his careless and egoistic ways. She is too adamant and secretive and too correct for his tastes, and may not think his strong likes and dislikes worth it. Both will have to be very caring and thoughtful of the others’ needs to make the union work.



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