Sheep-Ox Compatibility

Sheep Husband and Ox Wife

He is cultivated and unhurried and must lead a life of enjoyment as he pleases. Although she is diligent enough to look after him and his family well, she will not enjoy his outlandish demands. But he needs to be appreciated in order for the best to be brought out of him. Her emphasis on order and discipline will leave him very little space for himself. She is firm and unwavering and wants to make the most of her time, while he is moody and must wait for the right time to do anything. She finds if difficult to put up with his soft ways, while he is indisposed to being pushed around. In this union, drastic adjustments will have to be made for it to click.

Ox Husband and Sheep Wife

She can do up a nice and cosy home for him while he does well to take care of her. He is practical and full of fortitude while she is mushy and erratic. This in effect means he earns the money and she blows it up. They are pretty much opposites: the Ox firm and determined; the Sheep fragile and anxious. However, he may not always be so compromising as his expectations from others are high. She may become dejected at such times. Both are likely to realise that life is not a bed of roses.



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