Rooster-Tiger Compatibility

Roster Husband and Tiger Wife

This pair will form a bumpy and fiery union. Both are hasty and advanced signs but have diverse outlooks in life. He is too self-centred and erratic for the flashy Tiger wife, and she is too belligerent to give in to his persistent fault-finding. In different situations, these two may have an active and serious partnership, but in this combination they are obstinate and trivial minded.

Tiger Husband and Rooster Wife

The Rooster is too clever, up-to-date with information and fault-finding to bear with the aggressive and panicky Tiger. He finds it tough to put up with her carping and complaining attitude. While he is an open book, benevolent and straightforward, she is competent, tight-fisted and a stickler for detail. He is keen on ideals while she is too brainy. He does not lay too much store by convention and is ruled by emotions, while she is erratic and ruled by logic. Both are egoistical and will find it difficult to be happy with each other.



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