Boar-Snake Compatibility

Pig Husband and Snake Wife

The artistic Snake cannot tolerate the Boar’s honest but ordinary and facile ways. He thinks of her as too complicated and enigmatic. She is very sophisticated, forward looking and intellectual for the extravagant and trusting Boar. She does not admire his open and relaxed ways and will keep her distance from him. He will find her cold and analytical ways very disturbing. Both will be unable to fulfil their expectations or appreciate the other’s positive qualities.

Snake Husband and Pig Wife

The Snake has abundant resources of determination and willpower, while the Boar is fun-loving and social. However, he feels she will not be able to support him in furthering his career as she is compromising in her attitude towards others. He is enigmatic, modern and has a lot of depth, while she is simple and easily swayed by general opinion. He finds her scruples of no use and she is unable to make out what is going on in his mind. He mostly prefers to be alone and does not lay much store by her faithfulness. Their personalities are so opposed that they cannot provide the other with happiness.



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