Boar-Sheep Compatibility

Pig Husband and Sheep Wife

The two in this compatible union will give their best and nurse a deep and genuine love for each other. He is athletic, chivalrous and concerned enough to make the soft and emotional Sheep happy. She will also play mother to him as well as worship him. The exciting yet simple Boar will take her affection to be true love and faithfulness. He is large-hearted and protective also, giving her the opportunity to perform to her best, which she can do only when she knows that there is someone to appreciate her, and she gets enough of it in this union.

Pig Husband and Boar Wife

There is no friction in this union and the result will be a well-founded union. Neither minds letting go of trifles and both of their interests are centred around the home. The Boar is talkative and not nearly as emotional as the Sheep, who gets hurt easily due to his sensitive nature. She is not too lavish and could try to be more extroverted to reduce his shyness. He, on the other hand, can make up for her lack of sophistication and will be alert to her dire need for comfort and warmth.



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